What is Normal

A. EMOM 5:

    3 Snatch Extensions

  right into

  EMOM 12:

  1 Snatch

B.  9-7-5

      Snatch (95/65)

     Release Burpee over the Bar

What is Normal? (when it comes to diet)

Everyone reading this blog has been in a similar scenario to this: you are eating out or at friends house, and you refuse some type of food that is offered. Then ensues the comment, from some member of the group,  “Oh what are you some type of health freak.”

Our society has become so conditioned to unhealthy, fake foods being “normal”, that anything outside of that norm is considered weird. Take organic produce, for instance. An organic apple is normal, an apple that has been genetically modified, sprayed with chemicals, and otherwise altered from its natural state, is abnormal. Yet, more conventional produce exists on the market shelves than organic.

Another popular social/food issue is gluten. Lately it seems the media is poking fun at those who are gluten-free. I read an article that said when people make modifications on their restaurant order, it puts a strain on the wait staff and the chefs. Many people are either gluten intolerant or gluten sensitive, meaning they do not properly digest gluten and it cause some sort of negative reaction. I would think it is normal for an individual to keep something out of their body that causes it harm.

I know a few things to be true:

Health is normal; sickness is not

Sleeping well is normal; difficulty falling asleep or not sleeping through the night is not

Organic is normal; chemicals on food is not

Well-treated, grass fed animals is normal; mass production, antibiotics, and a non-traditional feed is not

Food is normal; anything that is processed is not

Movement is normal; sedentariness is not

So when that conversation comes up, just tell everyone at the table that you are the normal one!