Do the Right Thing: A Must Read for our Members

A. Push Jerk


B. 5 minute AMRAP:

    6 Shoulder to OH (145/100)

     12 Deadlifts (145/100)

3 minutes rest

5 minute AMRAP:

 6 Shoulder to OH (145/100)

 6 Power Cleans (145/100)

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This post is straight from the heart, and its intent is to change our gym’s culture for the positive. I’ve given the issues presented in this post hours and hours of thought. I want the best for each and every one of our members. 

I think at this point our most of our members realize there’s a special thing going on at CFR. The community, the work ethic, and the commitment to fitness is second to none. Steph and I truly count our blessings that we get to work with you guys on a regular basis. We have grown close to many of you, and it feels like family.

Just like any business, family or team, there are ups and downs; successes and frustrations. The successes are easy to see: weight loss, PR’s, challenges overcome, increased confidence, the list goes on. We all love that stuff.

The frustrations are what I’ve been contemplating lately. How can I be a better coach? How can I better reach and coach so-and-so? What can I do to make so-and-so buy in, squat lower, listen to me, be on time, attend to class more often? These are conversations I have with myself and the other coaches every day. It can be difficult, because sometimes we pour so much of ourselves into it, and don’t get the reciprocation back. It’s definitely part of the business, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t keep us up at nights.

I thought of a hundred solutions to the day-to-day frustrations I see at the gym. I wrote down 20 rules. I wrote up a list of expectations for every member to sign. In the end, I scrapped it all and came up with a completely different approach. From this point forward there will be no rules at CFR; just a single RULE.

And that rule is “DO THE RIGHT THING”. If this simple rule can be followed, everything else will fall into place. Did your chin not get over the bar? Redo the rep, because it’s the right thing to do, and the guy next to you is working his ass off to make sure he gets his chin over every single time. Were you late? Be on time from now on, not because you’ll be punished with wall walks, but because it’s disrespectful to the coach when you’re habitually tardy. Did you sweat or use chalk? Clean it up, so the gal using that spot next doesn’t have to deal with it. But mainly, just do what you know is right.

So, I am asking everyone to commit to follow just one rule. And I promise, the coaches will do our best to do the same. Many of you already have no problem with this rule, and all we ask is that you continue to set an example. There will be no more wall walks for tardiness or left out equipment or hand-prints on the floor. You won’t be punished for not knowing someone in your class’s name. But you WILL be expected to do the right thing while at CFR. If a coach feels he or she is not getting the rule out of someone we’ll simply let you know.

This is a good thing. It’s not a scolding or a threat to anyone. It’s simply an adjustment to the big-picture vision of the gym. Again, Steph and I are thrilled with what’s going on at CFR. We just want to continue to evolve and create the best possible experience for all of our members, and we believe this is a step in that direction.