A. Front Rack Mobility

B. At an easy pace:

4 Rounds:

1 min Row

1 min Plank

1 Jump Rope

1 min Run (200m)

1 min Burpee 

There is a heat sign up sheet in the gym for Saturday. There has never been a "for time" WOD in the Open, so this is new ground. First heat will start at 9:40am, second heat will start at 10:10am, and the 3rd heat 10:40am.

At 9am, we will do our strategy and efficiency of movement session. I strongly urge you guys to show up for that. We will need as many hands on deck as possible come 9:40 for judging purposes. After everyone has done the workout, we will have a party with food (paleo potluck) and BYOB. Should be a fun way to commence the Open and celebrate everyone's hard work!