14.4 Recap

A. Thruster


B. 50 Anchored Situps

21 Thrusters (105/75)

40 Anchored Situps

15 Thrusters

30 Anchored Situps

9 Thrusters

Yoga will be tomorrow at 8pm


The rowing machine was introduced into the Open for the first time, and many of now know what 60 cals feels like. Then a casual set of 50 Toes to Bar, which proved to be the most critical part of the workout. We've been practicing toes to bar a great deal, and it seemed to pay off with 14.4. Followed by 40 Wall Balls, which by industry standards wasn't so bad. Then those pesky power cleans, where 135/95 started to feel more like 205/155! Finally, if you were up to it, 20 ring muscle ups. And you had 14 minutes to get as far as possible; THE definition of fun!

We now have 4 workouts worth of data to go off of, so looking within in the gym there are some great rivalries forming. 14.5 will be the rubber match for many of our members, adding to the fun and competiiveness of the Open. Top rivalries are:

Huber vs. Adam: within the gym, they are standing at a dead tie in 10th place. This rivalry did not just begin either. These two go at it at the 6 or 7pm on a weekly basis, trash talking each other constantly. Shoulder to Oh is coming up, a movement where both excel. Huber has been putting in some time with his burpees as well, and that could pay big dividends.

Scott M vs. Dick: in the SoCal Masters Men 55-59 category, Dick and Scott are separated by just 5 places. These two have been pushing each other, and also rooting for each other on every Open workout.

Lynn vs. Trina: Even before the Open, these two were always checking to see what weight each used on the WOD and their respective times. Their Open scores are so close it's scary. They tied on 14.4, were 3 reps apart on 14.1, and 2 reps apart on 14.2. It should be fun to watch who can win this close battle!

Jen G vs. Emily W: I wouldn't say these two are rivals, per se, but their scores are extremely close. They tied exactly on both 14.1 and 14.2. Then Jen took 14.3 and Emily took 14.4. The final workout will be the decider here!

Joe vs. Doyle: long time friends, high school teammates, current teammates, training partners, lifting partners, the list goes on. After 4 workouts, it is a 2-2 tie, 14.5 being the rubber match. Joe is about 20 places ahead of Doyle in the region. Should be an epic battle for the finish


Gentlemen getting through all the cleans:

Enrique, Rob, Joe P, Doyle, Adam, Huber, Norcio, Pete, Joey, and Jimbo



Big PR's:

Diana N could not manage to get through the toes to bars on her first attempt. Her score has 95 (35 toes to bar). The second time around not only did she get through all the toes to bar, but also added 35 wall balls to her total of 145! This was by far the biggest repeat PR of the Open for any of our members!

Jake also repeated and went from 165 to 172. This means he did 7 more cleans, which is a huge effort.

Emily W went from 166 to 169, cleaning #95 three additional times.

Trina did the workout 3 times. This means she did 180 cals, 150 toes to bar, and 120 wall balls in 4 days

Brent G had a 12 rep PR on his second go around

Speaking of Brents, Brent F flipped a switch with 20 seconds left in his workout and did 7 cleans to finish at 178. One of the more memorable Open highlights for sure.

Jen B used a #14 med ball for the first time during 14.4, and did 35 reps with it!

Vince W managed 10 cleans at #135, good for 150th place in the region for his age group!

Kevin L puked after completing 14.4