Open WOD 14.4

60 Calorie Row

50 TTB

40 Wall Balls (20/14)

30 Power Cleans (135/95)

20 Muscle Ups

We had about 10 members sign up for heats today. Lots of open slots are available and we will put folks in as they show up. Those who come to the 9am Open Prep class will have priority. Heats of 2 people will begin at 9:50am sharp and 2 more people will start every 5 minutesWe will run two person heats every 5 minutes until everyone is done. If 30 people do the WOD on Saturday, we will still be done at 11:00am. I anticipate 20-25 members doing the WOD tomorrow.

In the meantime, google 14.4 tips and strategies, rowing technique and muscle up progressions!