A. Weighted Pullup


B. 10 Minute AMRAP:

6 Hang Power Snatch (95/65)

6 HSPU's

6 Box Jumps (30/24)


Fourteen point three is in the books and despite some nerves going into it, everyone appears to have survived. As a gym we did awesome; position and technique stayed intact while performance was high. Here are a few highlights:

Joe P and Kyle took the top 2 mens scores, tying at 15 reps at #315. Their scores put them in the top 80 in the SoCal region for 14.3.

Jen G and Stacey made it all the way through the #185 barbell, doing 25 reps at that weight.

Charles hit a deadlift PR at #275 on Saturday. Also, Lynn hit a PR deadlift of #185 on Thursday and then went on to do 8 reps at that weight on Saturday during the WOD!

Jess B's PR deadlift is #155, which she did 20 reps at during 14.3

Emily W put up a top 3 score amongst the CFR ladies, pulling #185 fourteen times. That weight is just 15lbs under her current PR deadlift

Perhaps the closest rivalry in the gym is within the masters division containing Dick and Scott M. They are separated by just 5 places in the SoCal region. Dick pulled #225 14 times, while Scott M got 9 reps at that weight. Stay tuned as this epic battle continues!

 Mel was able to lift #135 for 15 reps. Her current 1 rep max dead is 150.

 Jeff W turned his 1 rep max of #225 into a 10-rep max, by lifting the #225 bar ten times

Those in the 100+ include: Joe P, Rob, Kyle, Enrique, Stacey, Norcio, Joey, Pete, Mark Hickey, Eric P, Huber, Jen G, Adam R, Ryan T, Emily W, Palmer, Dick, Casey, Laura, Shana, and Kelly Hunt