My Coffee Routine: Part 1



all sets should be 100% of 1RM clean

 B. 12 min EMOM:

First 30s perform 6 rebounding box jumps (24/20, but use any height that makes this possible)

Second 30s perform 6 sprint burpees

Once the clock hits 13 mins perform: a single set of unbroken KB Swings (70/53) for max reps

My Coffee Routine: Part 1

I've been playing around with my coffee routine for about 6 years now. I'm the kind of guy who either orders his coffee black or puts about a dozen different things into it. But, I think I've finally found the magic combination. Note: I am still experimenting on a weekly basis, so even though the current formula is magical, it can always be more so.

Start with high quality coffee beans. Steph and I are on our second huge bag of Bulletproof coffee beans. I was not a coffee snob until I started drinking this brand. I now understand what coffee is supposed to taste like, and unless I find a better bean out there, I'm stikcing with Bulletproof.

Next you need a grinder or a coffee maker that grinds the beans for you. If you're going for speed, an all-in-one machine is your best bet. If you want to be a little more hippie with the process, you can grind and filter yourself.

Once you have actual coffee in the pot, your job is not even close to being done. Let's talk about those fiiiiixings (quick Eastbound and Down reference). The mandatory add ons are 1 TBLSP grass-fed butter and 1 TBLSP MCT (medium chain triglycerides) oil. We use Kerrygold butter that I have found at Whole Foods and Sprouts. While writing this I noticed you can buy it online in bulk for much cheaper, so that will likely be our new route. The second must-have is MCT oil . You can either buy the oil pictured below (which I use) or you can just throw in the equivalent of coconut oil. The brain octane oil that Bulletproof sells is tasteless and more potent, but I've used coconut oil as a sub, no problem.

Next, you need to throw the coffee, butter, and oil in a blender and mix. Once mixed, you are ready to go. This is the formula Steph uses, and she loves it. BUT, I'm a little less into taste and more into how much more crazy shit I can put in there. Here's what I add to mine:

1 heaping TBSP Maca Powder

1 heaping TBSP Cacao Powder

One dash of cinnamon

2 tsp vanilla extract

I really enjoy the taste of my coffee but Steph feels there's just too much going on with it. It's up to you how far you want to take it.

Tomorrow I will write about why certain things are added and how they increase energy, have helped with my recovery, and overall benefitted my well-being. Stay tuned!

Also, here is a recipe from the Bulletproof guy himself: