14.2 Highlights

A. Clean + Jerk


B. 20 Minutes:

20 Burpees (6" target)

20 Clean and Jerks (115/75)

20 Burpees

20 Clean and Jerks (165/105)

20 Burpees

20 Clean and Jerks (215/135)

20 Burpees

20 Clean and Jerks (245/135)

*start at a light weight and go up in increments that will challenge you

*to get the weight to the shoulder, a power clean can be used or squat clean. To get weight overhead, a thruster, push press, push jerk, or split jerk may be used  

 Highlights from 14.2

We had some abosultely incredible efforts on 14.2. Many of you got your first overhead squat at #65 or #95 and your first chest to bar pullups. Here is a breakdown of what some our bad ass members did:

Many of you don't know this, but Charles D. had an injury years ago which required plates and screws to be put into this arm. As a result, an OH Squat is nearly impossible to hold over head and keep locked out and stable. I've witnessed Charles grit his teeth and fight through OH Squat workouts for about 2 years now. Because of his arm, he usually works with lighter weight, never complains, and always gives 100% effort. On Saturday, Charles attempted a PR OH Squat at #95. In 3 minutes, he could not get one. I wanted to give him 1 rep to keep him in the competition, but he refused. On Sunday, Charles came in  and successfully OH Squatted #95, TWICE. His dedication and toughness allowed him to squat a weight that really shouldn't be possible with his arm situation.

Scott Magee recently ditched the band for his pull-ups, and when I say recently, I mean 4 days ago. Today, he repeated 14.2 with hopes of getting into the round of 12, meaning he would need 20 pullups to do that. Scott handled the #65 OH Squats with no problem, and with about 15 seconds remaining, completed the 20th pullup to buy him into the next 3 minutes. He went unbroken on the 12 squats and then rattled off 12 single pullups getting back to the bar to do some more damage. When it was all said and done, Scott accumulated 32 no-band pullups in 6 minutes

Speaking of pullups Jen B, got her first regular pullup and chest to bar pullup in the same day. She also PR'ed her OH Squat from the floor and decided to rattle off 9 more of them. Jess B also got her first C to B Pullup on Saturday!

I give all the credit in the world to Mara, Trina, Emily W, Kelly Hunt and Lynn. All five of these ladies tried like hell to get into that second round, attempting the WOD 2+ times. Despite not quite getting there, each of their chest to bar pullups have improved massively from a few months ago.

Two ladies in the gym have recently given birth to lovely little girls. Both moms are on a mission to get back into pre-pregnancy shape and both have been giving their all in the Open. Ivy and Katie B got 10 and 8 OH Squats respectively. Ivy worked her butt off the get a chest to bar pullup and she got one. Not bad for 2 mommas getting back into it!

The gentlemen getting into the second round included: DJ Jimbo, , Matt W, Evan, Eric P, Dick H, Scott M, Adam R, Brent G, Ryan T, Brent F, Casey, Joey, Nick W, Herb, Pete, Palmer, Joe S, Hickey, Spalding, Justin, Reuben, and Kyle

The gentlemen getting into the 3rd and 4th round included: Rob, Norcio, Kevin Lang, Enrique, Ryan and Joe

The ladies getting into the second round included: Stacey and Steph

A great moment occurred Saturday when Brent G was in the second round on his own. The whole gym was pushing him to get through the first round and he got it. The crowd was all over him in round 2 as well, and I know from talking with him he gave it everything he had.

Casey S has been working his ass off trying to improve his OH squat. When he first started at CFR, a #45 Oh squat was not happening. Casey is strong, but lacks flexibility in his shoulders and upper back. He has dedicated himself to improving this in the last 4 months. To be honest, I wasn't sure if a #95 OH squat would've been possible for him at this stage in his training, considering where he started. BUT, Casey did precisely 37 OH squats at #95 on Saturday. He is steadily turning a glaring weakness into strength, which is what CrossFit is all about.

There is one member who I know better than all of you as a CrossFitter, by far. He has been at it for just over 4 years, and survived the Paulina days to get where he is now. I can still see him doing heavy banded jumping pullups in the pit, working his ass off. Anyone who is around the gym in the afternoon has seen Dick Haynes putting in tons of time into his pullups. And it really paid off in 14.2. Dick made it to the second round and was 3 reps shy of moving onto the 14's. This means Dick did 41 pullups in 6 minutes, plus 44 OH Squats. I am really proud of him.

Our small but sassy Mel has never done a #65 OH Squat from the floor...until Saturday. She worked hard during the days leading up to Saturday to make sure she could get #65 onto her back, over her head, and into a squat. And she did just that!

I also give a lot of credit to Herb for doing the workout with serious hand rips coming in, Ryan T, Nick W, Joe S and Evan for redoing and getting into the second round, and Enrique for redoing despite coming in with hand rips.