Open CFR Teams Announced

A. Push Press


B. 2 Rounds for Maximum Reps

2 mins:

Shoulder to OH (95/65)

Rest 1 min

2 mins:

Double Unders

Rest 1 min

2 Min Burpee Box Jumps (24/20)

Rest 3 mins between Round 1 and 2


The response for the in-house team competition was great! The 4 Captains selected their teams tonight and you can see them in the picture above. It is absolutely not too late to sign up for the Open and get on CFR team. As more members sign up we will add to you teams.

Your captain is your lifeline for the Open. They will stay on you, making sure you get into the gym sometime between Thursday night and Monday night. THE time to do the WOD each week will be Saturday at 10am. However, if you cannot make that time, your Captain will make sure you find a time to do the WOD. The 10am will just be when a majority of the members do the WOD and will have the most electric atmosphere.

Lauren and I will be helping out all teams and will assist individuals in any way we can. So, you can come to us with additional questions/help with anything Open related.

Every Saturday during the Open (3/1-3/29) the 9am class will be dedicated to Open Prep. We will cover the movements for that week and mobilize the areas of the body that will be used. We will go over the most efficient ways to crush the WOD and how to strategize. Your team Captains and Lauren and I will make sure you're ready to go.