Athlete Spotlight: Dr. Lynn Oku

A. EMOM 10:

1 Power Snatch + 2 OH Squats

B.Within a 10 min cap perform:

30 OH Squats (135/95)

50 Burpees 

At 10 Minute mark Perform:

5 minutes for max reps of

Wall Balls (20/14)

*when you finish PART 1, rest until the clock hits 10:00. Then perform Wall Balls from 10:00 until the clock hits 15:00

The athlete spotlight is back! This month, get to know Dr. Lynn Oku:
How long have you been CrossFitting:  Since September 11, 2012
Favorite movement:  Back Squats and Snatches
Least favorite movement:  Deadlifts
Chalk or No Chalk: No chalk, but I need one of my favorite pull up spots
Favorite cheat meal/food:  Chocolate
Preferred parking area (back lot, PCH, avenues): PCH and Ave E
Excuse for not making a workout:  Work
Words friends use to describe your CrossFitting:  When I’m on my phone or computer at an inappropriate time or late at night my husband always asks, “Are you checking your WOD?” During a ride where I’m falling behind, my cycling friends say, “Did you work out yesterday?”  If the answer isn’t a guilty yes, I probably have worn out my legs Monday to Thursday at CrossFit.
1. Being a vegetarian, what is your diet like and how are you getting enough proteins and fats?  I’m definitely struggling with my diet and there is a lot of room for improvement.  During the NBC challenge my diet is very clean. Outside of October there is a lot of cheating.  I know I’m not getting enough proteins and fats.  I’ve been vegetarian for 30 years so I’ve never really eaten enough protein.  Lifting so much now I really have to rely more on protein powder to get the protein I need.
2. Your consistency with your attendance has been good since you started. What is your secret to staying consistent? 
I’m having fun.  We have such a great community at CrossFit Redondo.  It is such a positive and supportive environment.  Even if I’m tired, once I get to Crossfit, there is an energy in the gym that makes me want push harder. One of the other things I really love about Crossfit is working on my lifting technique.  As I get stronger or improve on one aspect of a lift, there are new subtleties to work on.
3. What does CrossFit mean to you and how has it improved other areas of your life (other than fitness)?
         I think the way CrossFit fits into the rest of my life is in setting goals, short term or long term, and putting in the hard work and commitment to achieve them.
         The interesting way CrossFit has improved another area of my life is in my relationship with my younger brother.  We’ve always had some sibling rivalry and hadn’t been very close for a while, but CrossFit is something we’ve bonded over. We’ve never even worked out together but now we have something in common that is a daily part of our lives.  When he shared his PRs with me I responded by texting my PRs mostly as a joke because they were so puny in comparison.  I was expecting a snide remark. To my surprise I got the same encouragement from my brother that I get at CFRedondo.  He’s given me advice and is very supportive.  The CrossFit culture really brings out the best in people in a variety of ways.