Attention to Detail

A. 7 Sets of:

1 Clean + 2 Front Squats

B. 10 min AMRAP:

7 Cleans (135/95)

7 Toes to Bar (go for contact over rhythm)

7 Burpees over the bar

Attention to Detail

As a coach I find myself daydreaming about my members doing power snatches and how they can make them better. It’s a curse. Our coaching staff also communicates frequently about our members, what movements specifically they can work on and what we can do to make that happen. Through my daydreams, observations in classes, and meetings with our other coaches I have come to the conclusion that the number one thing most of our members can improve on is their attention to detail. More specifically, with their stances in the set-up of the snatch, clean and squat and their grip on the barbell.

First, let me say I realize many of our members have different goals with their CFR memberships. Some show up, do the workout, go home and don’t give it a second thought outside of the gym. I realize you guys have lives outside of gym, which includes full time jobs, kids, friends, etc. BUT, my hope is that everyone can arrive at the point where as soon as they walk into the gym, they transform into a bad-ass weight lifter, or an Olympic gymnast or a world class sprinter. In other words, when you walk into the gym, you are no longer Bob the nine-to-fiver-father-of-two, but Bob the CrossFit athlete.

Okay, so back to the point. I mentioned the above scenario because if you begin to think in those terms, your attention to detail will immediately improve. You will essentially “buy in” to the program and take off like a rocket. You will also become instantly more coachable.

Now way back on point: the first thing we look at as coaches with our members is stance and grip and in a class of 10 there are typically 5 or more with an issue with one or the other. This means that THE most fundamental and important details of the upcoming movement will be flawed before they even start, in most of you. So, my challenge to everyone is to show more consistency with your stance, grip and set-up. If a coach tells you to bring your feet under your hips/lungs, and you make the correct adjustment, work hard to maintain that in all of the subsequent lifts! Same goes with grip, if your coach moves your hands in or out on a specific lift, that’s your new grip on the bar for life (or until we tell you otherwise). The truth is, if a coach has to constantly coach you on your stance, grip, and set-up you will miss out on more advanced coaching cues until the basics are acquired.

In no way is this a jab at anyone or a “call out” in any way. This is just a general observation that will make our members better CrossFitter’s in the long run. These small details, if ironed out, will allow you to make huge strides in your movement and receive more advanced coaching. Remember, regardless of your athletic background, occupation or age, you are an athlete! You made that distinguishment as soon as you stepped in our doors :)