A. EMOM 10:

Hang Snatch Above Knee

Hang Snatch Below Knee

B. 12 minute cap:


Hang Snatch (115/75)

Burpee Box Jump

*w/ remaining time, perform as many double unders as possible until 12 minutes is up. Single unders are not permitted

Our goal at CrossFit Redondo is to provide the best training methods out there. CrossFit is one of those methods and yoga compliments CrossFit naturally. With that being said we are doing our best to provide an awesome Yoga program, that can get the most people involved, without compromising quality. We are continuing to work out the kinks during this process, so forgive us for any scheduling changes and hiccups. Through member feedback and numerous discussions with Adeline, we have decided to move the Yoga class to Monday nights at 8pm. We believe this will help maximize participation and avoid distractions that occur when changing classes over. Thanks for your patience and enjoy Adeline's post below!

From Adeline:

First and foremost, there are MANY forms of yoga and one of the most common misconception is that the sole benefit of yoga is to stretch

(I call this misconception "your grandma's yoga"). That couldn't be further than the truth! Yoga, especially vinyasa yoga that we practice at CFR, is not only a complimentary form of exercise to CrossFit but it also helps build flexibility; increased awareness, recovery, and stamina through controlled breathing; build strength on muscle groups to both compliment and supplement your CrossFit exercise; improve balance; and restores muscle groups/ joints/ tissues from all the wear and tear you put it through.

"But what does this all mean and how does it apply to me?" Ask anyone who has been practicing yoga at CFR on a weekly basis and find out how challenging practicing yoga can be: the static postures, the burn in your muscles, increased heart rate, controlled breathing, core strengthening, intense stretching in your trouble spots and spots you never knew existed, and (my favorite) relaxation! Ask them how

they feel yoga has improved their CrossFit performance and even more importantly,

 allowed them to take their mind/body awareness to another level. So to make it easier, l

et's pick a few moves:


, squats, pistols

, TTB.
  • Flexibility
    • Many people hesitant to try yoga often say, "Oh, I'm not that flexible... yoga isn't for me." Think about when you first started CrossFit, were you able to do pistols, handstands, pullups, and TTB right away? Okay, some of you freak athletes probably did but the majority of us couldn't. We had to work our way there. Yoga and flexibility is the same way. Who doesn't want to me more flexible and get rid of that awkward tightness in your lower body when you're in the middle of squats or pistols?
  • Breathing
    • Vinyasa/ power yoga heavily incorporates the use of breath to movement, bringing awareness to the proper use of your inhales and exhales. Think Oly lifting- when you take your inhales and exhales is crucial to being able to perform the lift especially when trying to PR your 1 rep max. Flowing breath to movement constantly reminds us to breathe through our movements. Breathing often gets forgotten especially when your heart rate is up and you're so focused on moving as fast as you can while lifting as heavy as you can.The biggest benefit to good breathing: you won't gas out so quickly and you can lift more. Sounds appealing?
  • Mind & Body Awareness
    • Proper form is THE or one of the most important components of CrossFit. However, as CrossFit workouts are fast paced and usually performed at high intensity, we don't get to notice how our body feels as we're doing it. Maybe OH squats is your goat, it always feels awkward around your shoulders but you can't quiet figure out what the sensation is or what you need to do to fix it and it's frustrating. You may feel the same sensation while practicing yoga but since you get to move slower and as yoga postures are practiced with deepening and alignment cues, it could help you find that little tweak you need to make your goat less... goat-y.
  • Core Strength

    • Chair pose burns your quads. Crow pose strengthens your arms and shoulders. Chaturanga takes pushups to a whole different level. Many strengthening postures we can draw examples from but let's talk about core for a minute. Without core, you won't be able to do your handstands away from the wall, get back up to standing from your heavy squat, control your kipping pull-up, get your toes to the bar (there's a flexibility component there, too). And we're not talking about your 6-pack abs here, we're talking about the deep down, wrap-around-your-spine kind of core muscle. Yoga will help you find core strength like there's no tomorrow. Try a 20-second boat pose and tell me you don't feel a thing... I'll buy you a keg because you can obviously afford it!

  • Balance
    • Balance is perhaps my favorite aspect of yoga. It goes beyond doing pistols on a kettlebell. Rather, I'm talking about balancing your entire body. In yoga, for every posture there's a counter posture which means there's relief to everything you do. You can extend this to balancing your workout regimen. Give your body a break from the high intensity workouts once in a while and balance it out with a less intense but still challenging practice. Relaxation from yoga helps balance the mind by clearing the mind (and other hippie yogi stuff I won't get into), not to mention this helps focus.
Hopefully, this has helped provide better insight or understanding on why yoga and CrossFit work well together. If you want more reading & ideas try these articles:


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 --not sure how reliable the source is but the article recommends practicing yoga after a workout (last paragraph)