A. 5 Sets of Max Consecutive Doubles Unders (5 min cap)

B. Deadlift


(75%, 85%, 95%)

On last set, one rep is minimum, if weight feels good, go for more reps

C. 4 Rounds:

50 Double Unders

12 Deadlifts (225/165)


5 Things Every CrossFitter Needs

Okay, so you've been CrossFitting for a couple months now or, maybe for a few years and you've drank the kool-aid and asked for seconds. Your friends have noticed your FB page has changed; you post more about Paleo recipes and every picture taken of you contains a barbell. You've boosted your CrossFit street cred outside of the gym, but what about inside the gym? Do you have the 5 key ingredients to be called a true CrossFitter? How many on these list do you currently own?


5A Hand Care Kit


A CrossFitters hand health is one of the most common reasons for missing training. So, it is imperative that you take care of your hands on a daily basis. Some common tools (pictured) are pumice stones, files, pedi-eggs, and callus removers. These tools will help prevent hand rips. I DO NOT ADVISE WEARING GLOVES TO PREVENT HAND TEARS. However, if you do tear your hands, gloves are acceptable for protecting a healing rip. Take time to take of your hands and you will rarely have to worry about them

4. Your Own, Personal Jump Rope

If you really want to get those double unders, a properly sized rope is a must. Otherwise, using the gym ropes can be a crapshoot when trying to find the proper size every time. Measure a correctly sized rope at the gym and go to roguefitness.com and enter the length in inches to get a personal rope. Also, LG has a rope she swears by but it's a cheater rope :).  A lot of local competitions have jump rope companies present that will help size you and pick a thickness that suits ability level.

3. A Pair of Flat, Stiff Shoes

Basically anything except for running shoes. Running shoes are meant for running, and running a long way. How often, even during endurance, do we run really far and do nothing else? My point is that running shoes are the worst shoes for CrossFit training. I would recommend getting a pair or Reebok Nanos, Inov8's, New Balance Minimus or some other low profile shoes for your every day training. i've tried them all and I'm sold on the Nano; after all it was designed for CrossFit.

2. Olympic Weightlifting Shoes

I posted an article about this here: http://www.liftbigeatbig.com/2012/07/you-need-olympic-weightlifting-shoes.html

Long story short, if you are overhead squatting, doing cleans, snatches, front squatting, power snatches, split jerks, and back + front squats you need Oly shoes. It would be like a Basketball player wearing low tops or a Baseball player not wearing spikes.

1. Your Home affiliates Swag

This isn't a CFR business plug. I've never wanted to profit on apparel, just break even. Anyway, if you have been at the gym for over 3 months you should own some CFR stuff and have begun to build your out-of-town drop in collection. There is no bigger compliment than to see someone from the gym wearing a CFR tee outside the gym.