A. Front Squat


B. 3 Rounds:

7 Front Squats (185/125)

14 Chest to Bar Pullups


1000m Row

1 Mile Run

No Bread and Beyond

This is the start of the 3rd annual No Bread Challenge (NBC), and for many, I know the timing for this challenge is very fortunate. The summer, especially where we live, is a time for outdoors, BBQ’s, travel, weddings, etc. Sometimes our nutrition and self-care can take a back seat to all these summer activities. October is a great month to really dial in our diets and get back on track. I look at it as sort of an “in-between” month, being sandwiched between summer and the holiday season. Looking forward, we have some major “eating” holidays to contend with: Halloween (getting sneaky with trick or treat candy), Thanksgiving (left overs for weeks), Christmas (it seems like the entire month of December is devoted to cookies), and New Years (2am bingeing anyone?).

As the NBC has evolved, so too has the benefits and reasoning behind it. The NBC is designed to be a catalyst for change. It is a time to experiment and reflect on how clean eating makes us feel and how these changes improve our lives. For one month it challenges us to be disciplined with our lifestyle, not giving into outside pressures that try to derail us. If you think about the big picture, one month out of our lives is just a tiny blip on the timeline. But, if this one month of dedication creates a permanent change, it was well worth the effort.

Some advice from previous NBC experience:

-Don’t get too hung up with the rules; it’s like the church rule, if you have to ask if it is appropriate attire for church, it probably isn’t. If it came from nature it’s fine. If it didn’t, avoid it

-Plan your menus in advance- use the 5 P rule: Proper Planning Prevents Poor Procedure. If you don’t have a plan for the week, or even next day, it is more likely you will eat something off the plan

Avoid temptation- I know for me, if a plate of cookies is within striking distance, I will eat at least one of them. Toss any problem foods and avoid areas known for a high incidence of naughty foods (the break room at work).

Use the buddy system: get a close friend, spouse or fellow CFR member to hold you accountable. If you have a buddy to compare notes, the likelihood of sticking to the plan will increase immensely

Let’s get healthier this month!