Introducing the 3000 Burpee Challenge

A. Hill Sprints

2 @ 80% effort

2 @ 90% effort

2 @ 100% effort

B. 12-9-6

Burpee Box Jumps (30/24)

Chest To Bar Pullups

Then, broad jump 50m, sprint 50m 

If any of you worked out at 7pm during Games week, you may have met the two Austrian CrossFitters who dropped in, Andy and Chris. After going all out on the WOD, they would then perform a 100 burpee buy out. They said they've been doing this for months. During the month of August, the challenge will be to perform 100 burpees every day (one rest day of no burpees). If you come to the gym and decide to do the challenge, you must buy out with 100 burpees. On your non-gym days, to stay in the challenge you must do 100 burpees.  We will have prizes for the most burpees done by a male and female gym member (the max being 3,000).

If you choose to accept this challenge you will become much, much better at burpees. This is also a mental challenge as doing that many burpees will start to wear on you mentally. Good luck!