A. Weighted Pullup


B. 7 Minute AMRAP:

20 DU's*

10 Release Pushups

7 KB Swings (70/53)

*any break in the double unders or mess ups will result in a 1 wall walk penalty post WOD. Same goes for any breaks/mess ups on 40 single unders. For example, if you have 6 total mess ups, you must do 6 wall walks immediately post WOD

PortTown Throwdown Experience (Events 1 and 2)

 The morning began with a beautiful paleo-style team breakfast at the Graham residence. Stacey outdid herself with a large selection of breakfast options, while Brent scrambled eggs like a America’s Next Top Chef. After fueling up, the group set off to the Cabrillo Marina. On the ride over, Joe and Rob took an unexpected turn and got separated from the caravan, but little did the rest of the group know it was actually a short cut! CrossFit Redondo was the last team to arrive at the competition, a fact that was repeated to us by no less than 5 competition officials (TPS reports, anyone?).  But, once we were settled in and camp was set up, it was all business from there.

The first event was a 1000m shuttle run, divided into ascending increments of 20m, 50m, 80m, and 100m. Competitors ran that sequence twice, finishing with a 100m sprint to the finish. The field consisted of 36 females and 36 males, the ladies running first. Our 3 girls got off to an amazing start. LG  had the best female time and was the only female to go sub 4 minutes. Caitie placed second in the event with a time of 4:09. Stacey, who has been working tirelessly on her endurance ran a solid race finishing in 4:39. For the men’s side Joe and Ryan took 2nd and 4rd place in the event respectively. Rob was only a few seconds behind, running a great time of 4:04. Once the dust settled, Team CFR had won the event by 15 seconds!

The Thruster Ladder Event began immediately following the shuttle run. With smoked hammies and heart rates up, the ladies began loading their barbells for their 3 attempts at their very best thruster. Despite having just sprinted a kilometer, the ladies of CFR proved they still had some fight in their legs, with all 3 either PRing their thruster or matching previous bests. Caitie’s second attempt yielded a 135 effort, 5 pounds more than in previous weeks training. Stacey jumped up and matched her PR of 145, making the attempt look like a warm up rep. LG rounded up the ladies with a solid effort at 150, a PR for her as well. On the men’s side, Joe PR’ed with a 215 lb squat to press, while Rob matched his PR of 225. Rob failed his second attempt at 225, got back on the bar and crushed the weight. Ryan was the last to lift and put up 235 for a 10lb PR. With a combined total of 1,105lbs, Team CFR finished the event in 2nd place, 15lbs behind team 1440.