A. Thruster


B. 3 Rounds:

30 Anchored Situps

20 Pullups

10 Thrusters (145/100)

The gym has reached a point where many of you have been training CrossFit for 6 months or longer. With the acquisition of new skills, especially weightlifting and gymnastics, it is time to start refining these skills to open up even more doors with your fitness. For example, if you walked in the door without an overhead squat, mobility work and practice may have led to the capability of doing a full snatch. With so many of our members making massive improvements from when they first started, the gym must evolve to accommodate this; hence the reason for adding some specialty classes.

As many of you have experienced, the endurance class is focused on improving cardiovascular endurance. This class is a great way to improve your ability to excel at longer workouts. These workouts are also designed to test your will. Hopefully mental toughness will development from doing these workouts. For you endurance junkies in the gym, this class is your “fun” time.

The Olympic weightlifting class at 11am on Saturday’s is designed to improve your skills in the snatch and clean & jerk. We will not condition during this hour, although the class will be taxing in other respects. We will train positions and movements that will be challenging, but will ultimately make you a better weight lifter.

I encourage you guys to attend these classes if you wish to improve in these areas. My goal is to program workouts so that you can attend both a class and a specialty class in the same day. We will eventually be adding a yoga class and other specific classes are in the works as well.

If you are considering an unlimited membership at the gym, now is a great time to make the switch. This way, you can take advantage of all of our specialty classes without worrying about using up your days too early in the week. As the popularity of each class grows, we will also expand the schedule to increase the frequency of these classes. New and exciting things are happening at the gym!

General gym business:

-as the days become warmer the post-workout floor sweat increases. If you perspire on equipment or on the floor, please clean up your mess with the mop or with the disinfectant wipes

-putting equipment away has gotten better over the last few months. The smaller items (bands, chips, clips and abmats) continue to be left out though. Before you leave the gym, make sure EVERYTHING you used is put back properly