A. Deadlift


B. 6 Deadlifts (275/185)

24 Side Jumps over Bar

5 Deadlifts

20 Side Jumps over Bar

4 Deadlifts

16 Side Jumps over Bar

3 Deadlifts

12 Side Jumps over Bar

2 Deadlits

6 Side Jumps over Bar

1 Deadlift

Endurance WOD

5 Full Hill Sprints

5 Half Hill Sprints

2 Mile Run

Some Open Highlights/Memories:

Mel Participating- despite being our smallest Open competitor, Mel did not let that deter her from doing every single workout. She worked hard on rest days, coming in to improve her clean and split jerk. Mel is a great example of both bravery and perserverance

Dick Hayne's second Open- Dick finished 38th in SoCal this year in the masters 55-59 division. He worked extremely hard improving his double unders and pull-ups leading up to the Open, and it showed in 13.5, his best finish. He did all of this with a broken wrist.

All those Chest to Bar Pullups- Trina, Ivy, Mara, Heather, Kelly Hunt, Dr. Elena and Lynn all joined the female chest-to-bar club with their first C to B pullups occurring during the Open. Many of these ladies did multiple C to B pullups in their workout, showing that they weren't satisfied to just do one and be done!

Joe's 89 on 13.5- On Friday afternoon Joe did 13.5 and got a score of 86, 4 shy of adding that coveted addition of 4 minutes to the workout. On Sunday, he and Lauren lined up their bars determined to get to that second tier. With 55 seconds left, joe needed 15 chest-to-bar pullups to reach 90. He got his 14th rep with about 3 seconds left, jumped up and did his best kip, falling about 2 inches short of his chest touching the bar. Time was up, leaving Joe with a score of 89. Although he may disappointed, as his coach I was extremely proud of his effort. I know that the Sunday morning crew who stayed and watched would say the same thing.

LG qualifying for Regionals: Our very own coach Lauren finished 35th in an absolutely stacked SoCal region, qualifying her for Regionals as an individual. Her best workout was 13.2, where she finished 22nd in the region with a score of 339. Her training and hard work have definitely paid off!

Caitie does 13.5 with a sprained ankle: Last Friday, Caitie rolled her ankle on a run and heard a pop. The doctor diagnosed it as a bad sprain and told her to use crutches for a few weeks till it healed. On Monday, Caitie walked into the gym sans crutches, with an ankle brace and flip flops. She trained all week, staying off the ankle and working on rowing and upper body movements. She was determined to finish the Open, and, showing great dedication and courage she did just that. On Saturday, she was able to perform 13.5, mustering up a score of 49.  She fought through the thrusters and landed on her good foot off the pullup bar. She finished 424th in the region, which was the best among our ladies.

Split Jerk PR's: Dr. Elena, Ivy, Trina and Heather all PR'ed their jerk, putting 95 over their head for the first time ever.

Consistent Team Performers: Stacey, Steph and Caitie were the backbones of Team CrossFit Redondo, with all 3 of their scores contributing to 4 out of 5 workouts. The same went for the guy side of things. Rob, Ryan and Joe contributed to all workouts save 13.3, where Rich's 9 muscle ups contributed. Kelly Hunt and Trina also contributed to the team score in 13.3, Trina finishing all wall balls and double unders, while Kelly came up just a few DU's short of the 240 mark.

All around support, atmosphere, spirit and integrity of the CrossFit Redondo: we may not be the fittest gym in SoCal but we support each other just as well as anyone. During the week and on Saturday's, if someone was doing an Open WOD, members were drawn to them and gave them support. People stayed long after their own workouts to lend a hand judging or just to cheer on others. The outpouring of support and community is probably the single greatest thing about the Open.

One of the most important things to me regarding the Open (and life in general) is integrity. I am proud to say that at our gym, we do things right. With the Open, it is very easy to cut corners and blur the lines of the standards, especially when we have to judge each other. But after watching nearly every workout performed, I am pleased with how the athletes upheld the standards and how the judges enforced them. I believe all of our scores are true reflections of the work we did, and not some questionable or inflated submission.

Moving Forward

The Open is one of the best ways to expose weaknesses. Sometimes we get comfortable using a band or just doing single unders or squatting without depth, but the Open takes us out of our comfort zone, which is a good thing. Take some time to reflect on your Open performance and use it as inspiration to get better. Myself and the other coaches are happy to answer questions on how to improve particular movements. Also, keep in mind when our coaches tell you to "squat lower" or "lockout the arms" we are not doing that because we like yelling at you. Most importantly, our advise is designed to make you more fit. Secondly, we want you to do these movements correctly to improve your performance. Learn from the Open and the next time it comes around it will be even more enjoyable!