Introducing: The DLG Challenge!

A. 200 Double Unders For Time

B. 12 Minute AMRAP:

25 Double Unders

15 Release Pushups

10 Chest to Bar Pullups

April Challenge: DLG’s and More!

Last year we had some awesome success as a gym with the DLG Challenge. It got our community members to eat foods that improved their overall well being. This challenge is a little more involved than the No Bread Challenge, but with a little bit of commitment, it should be a great experience for all who choose to accept.  This challenge is more of a game: there will be points awarded to good eating habits, and points taken away for bad ones. So unlike the No Bread Challenge, you have the opportunity to accumulate points, rather than losing them.

Here is what you are going to need for this challenge:

1. A food journal (you can also use your WOD notebook at the gym)

2. Fish Oil (more on this later, I will give brand recommendations)

3. Access to a farmers market or Whole Foods or any other good produce store

Here is how the challenge works:

Every day, for the month of April you will record everything you put into your body (except water). The more detailed you are  in your recordings, the better. Now, some of you may see this as a huge pain in the ass, but it’s only for one month and I promise, food journaling is one of the most powerful tools in improving overall nutrition. So, suck it up. This will paint a very detailed picture of what goes into your body on a daily basis and you will begin to recognize patterns of both good and bad eating habits. It will also serve as your scorecard for the challenge. At the end of April (and other checkpoints along the way), we will add up the scores and see how everyone did. Prizes will be awarded!

Here is how the scoring works:

*Take your fish oil pill +1

**Eat a serving of DLG’s (dark leafy greens) +1

Eat a serving of organic DLG’s +2

Eat a serving of grass-fed meat, chicken, or eggs +1

Eat a serving of wild caught fish +1

-do not get too hung up on what constitutes a serving. For example, if you eat a salad with a bunch of leafy vegetables (more than 1 fist size), we’ll call that 2 servings. If you have a small side of boiled kale with dinner (about the size of your fist) we’ll call that 1 serving. Use your best judgment! Each fist is about 1 serving

-it will be imperative that for this challenge you go outside the box on where to get this food. Farmers markets, health food stores, even online shopping will need to be explored. New and creative recipes for DLG’s will likely need to be implemented.

You get 1 alcoholic drink per day. Any and every drink after that is -1

You get one cup of coffee per day (if your one cup is from Coffee Kenny's Green Roast +1). Any and every cup after that is -1

Any sugary treat (cookie, cake, ice cream, candy, crackers, processed snack etc) -1

Any soda whether diet or regular -1

You get one bread, rice, pasta, or potato product per week! Any and every other is -1


Neutral Foods: vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, sprouts, sweet potatoes. These are encouraged but do not gather points.

*I recommend Carlson’s brand:

I recommend Dr. Barry Sear’s fish oil:

**List of Leafy Greens:


Mustard Greens

Collard Greens


Dark Romaine Lettuce


Swiss Chard