A. 100 Burpees

B. Back Squat



50 Walking Lunge Steps

1 Mile Run

50 Burpees

50 Walking Lunge Steps



1 Mile Run

The Open at CrossFit Redondo

The first Open WOD will be announced on Wednesday at 5pm. Many of our members are eagerly awaiting the start of this 5 week event, which will test the fitness of over 100,000 CrossFitters. Here is the plan for those participating at CF Redondo:

-the main workout day will be Saturday. Those who are not signed up for the Open will come at 10am on Saturday and be finished with the Open WOD by 10:30 or so. You are encouraged to stay and help judge and/or cheer others on!

-There will be heat sign ups for Saturday time slots circulating the gym starting Thursday. Depending on the WOD length, we should be getting done by about noon

-the workouts will be announced by CrossFit HQ on Wednesdays at 5pm. Anyone who wants to do the WOD that night is welcome to

-Fridays will be Dealer's Choice, so if you cannot make a Saturday you can do the WOD then

-if you are signed up and cannot make a Friday or Saturday, let me know and we can make arrangements to do the WOD at another time

-Be sure to post your workout! We had some trouble with this last year. Once you complete the WOD, go home right away and post your score. One missed post eliminates you from the Open

-this should be a great and fun experience for the gym!