Dealer's Choice

(Saturday's WOD will be "Kelly", so plan your workout accordingly)

Couple of Announcements

-T-shirts are coming soon. We had a few issues with the shirts we wanted being back ordered. I'm really excited about the design of this new batch. Coffee Kenny came through big time with an awesome illustration. They should be done next week.

-At the New Year, I'm going to require that you guys sign into classes the night before on the Mind Body site. If you want to start getting into the habit now, go for it. This will help myself and the staff better plan for larger classes in advance. It will also allow you guys to see which classes will be light and which will by more crowded in advance. It is my goal to never have to cap classes at the gym.

 -January will be "Kill your Goat" month, where you guys will pick one movement that you are weakest at, and work on it on a daily basis. Start thinking of that movement now, because on January 2nd I will be asking everyone what movement that is. Some common goat movements are double unders, pullups, pistols, running and HSPU's. Just something to keep in mind for the new year!