Scoring System for NBC

A. Back Squat


B. Death By Pullups

You will start with 100 nutrition points. On October 1st, you will have possession of your NBC Scoring sheet and will begin recording any cheat meals, which will be deducted from your 100 initial points. At the end of the challenge you will have a raw score for how well you did on the diet part of the challenge. The honor system is in full effect, so be sure to accurately record all negatives. We will then add in points for body fat % changes and new times on the baseline WOD. Prizes will be given to those who perform well on

One final note, and I gave this a lot of thought. Everyone will have one safe day. This is a 24 hour period during the month where no negative points will count against you. It's not a day where you eat ice cream and drink beer all day. Remember, this challenge is about having the healthiest month of your life. It's for an occasion, or a slip up, or just a day where you gave in a little. That day needs to be written on your score sheet.

Good luck and continue to ask questions for clarifications on allowed foods.