My Promise (In case you missed it)

Tuesday August 21st, 2012

A. Clean and Jerk


B. 6 Rounds:

200m Run

8 Power Clean and Jerks (115/85)



My Promise to You

CrossFit has been prominent in the mainstream news recently, more specifically the business news. Long story short, Anthos Capital, a private investment firm is in the process of finalizing a purchase to gain 50% control of CrossFit Inc. A quick google search and 15 minutes of reading will get you fully updated on the situation. Lauren Glassman, ex wife of founder and CEO Greg Glassman is selling her 50% interest to Anthos, which many believe will be problematic for the brand, and for the 4,400 CrossFit Affiliates worldwide. Although Anthos claims they want to remain a hands-off partner, they have previously made statements that Glassman and CrossFit “leave too much money on the table”.  Anthos has also stated that the affiliates are basically 4,000 untapped resources for more revenue. And of course, with PI firms, return on investment is really all they are after.

Anthos has put the idea on the table that affiliates should sell supplements, shoes, clothing, and other products at their gym. These products would be forced onto each affiliate and it would be written in the affiliate agreement as such. Currently, affiliates are free to determine their own hours, sell what they want, train how they want, etc.

The Anthos deal may or may not go through. However, just the whisper that it might has sparked huge discussions within the CrossFit community, with over 600 message board posts on under the title: “Stop Anthos From Taking Over CrossFit”.  Many affiliates claim if Anthos gets 50% and they start implementing changes, they will de-affiliate. The situation is messy and complicated.

Greg Glassman is the visionary, the one who created CrossFit, the affiliate model, the level 1 certifications, and the community. His model is far from orthodox, but then again, so is CrossFit. The fact is, the model works and CrossFit is the best fitness program out there. I would say right now 98% of the affiliates oppose Anthos’ buy in and would follow Greg unconditionally.

So where does CrossFit Redondo fit in to all of this?

First off, I will never sell you any product that I don’t believe in or wouldn’t take myself or give to loved ones. The only two things we sell at CrossFit Redondo are memberships, clothing and Kangen water. The Kangen water was something I probably drank and researched for well over a year before purchasing a machine. I believe it is the best water available. If in the future we sell any other products, it will be because due diligence was met and that product offers proven health benefits to you. It will not be because that product is profitable to myself or the gym.

My goal as owner and head trainer at CrossFit Redondo has always been, and will always be to provide the best possible training to my members. As a staff, our job is to deliver fitness, teach you how to move correctly, and challenge you to achieve all your health goals. My promise to you is that I will never compromise your health or fitness because of outside forces. CrossFit Redondo will remain firmly planted within its mission of delivering health and fitness.