How to be a World-Class Lifting...Partner

Thursday July 12th, 2012

25 Deadlifts (225/145)

50 Jumping Lunges

100 Double Unders

25 Hang Power Cleans (135/95)

50 Pushups

100 Single Unders

How to be a World-Class Lifting...Partner

1. Communicate: this is especially important when deciding what weight to put on the bar. Let your partner know if you are not comfortable with the current load. If you want to bump up to more weight, don't be shy, throw some more weight on there. There is no rule that partners must do the exact same loading for every set. If the lifter fails, decide together whether they can power clean it back to the rack or if you need to strip weight and buddy lift it to the rack.

2. Know exactly what weight you are about to lift: too many times people add up all their loads after the fact. You should know exactly what load is on your bar at all times; and your partner's! This way, slip ups like overloading the bar do not occur. It is the partner's job to double check to make sure the loading is even on the barbell. Every now and then, a bar has too much weight on one side. Take the time to add up those plates!

3. Know When to Spot and When to Back Off: Lifts that need a spotter: Back Squat and Bench Press. Lifts that do not need a spotter: every other lift ever created!  As a partner, it is more dangerous to spot a lift like OH Squat because the bar may come down on you. Give the lifter plenty of space when they are doing a non-spotter lift.

4. Encourage and Give Feedback: do not be afraid to cheer on your lifting partner. It makes a big difference in a lift when you have someone right next to you, yelling encouragement. Let them know if you see something obvious with their technique or if they don't reach depth on a squat. We are all here to get better and more fit, so give and receive feedback graciously.

5. Make sure the lifting area is safe: If your partner were to drop the load, could it possibly land on a plate, or a tire, or a fan? Be sure the area is clear of all plates and objects that could send the bouncing weight back at your partner.

Have Fun! Get to know your partner during rest breaks and cheer them on when it's time to lift. Keep it fun and keep it safe!