Athlete Spotlight: Coffee Kenny

Tuesday June 12th, 2012

A. 5 Minutes Max Double Unders

B. "Annie"


Double Unders

Anchored Abmat Situps

Athlete Spotlight: Coffee Kenny

Been CrossFitting for how long: 10 1/2 months
Favorite movement: GHD situps
Least favorite movement: Wallballs
Favorite benchmark workout: Angie
How non-crossfitter's describe you: I don't talk to non-crossfitters!
Chalk or no chalk: chalk, but not as much as Dito
Hobbies/Sports: Surfing, Swimming, Painting, Baking
Favorite parking spot: My shop plaza
Drink of preference from your shop: Banana smoothie with a shot of espresso and a scoop of protein powder. (protein powder drinks will be on the menu soon)
1. What fitness program did you do before CrossFit?
Surfing, distance pool swimming, P90X, Insanity
2. How has CrossFit changed your fitness or affected your daily life?
Even though I was coming into CrossFit with decent knowledge of exercise and was already at my goal weight it has still changed my life 180 degrees. I now know how to eat correctly, but not just what foods I should eat but WHY and WHEN I should eat them and how they will effect my performance. Before CrossFit I thought I was in good shape. I entered the On-ramp course with a slightly cocky mentality and learned after the first week that the strength I thought I gained from my previous exercise regimen and, more importantly, my mental strength was extremely weak in comparison to the CrossFit methodology. CrossFit has been a huge asset to my daily life. Learning proper lifting form has helped greatly. I regularly have to deadlift and clean and jerk 20-100lb bags of coffee beans, cases of milk, boxes and furniture in my shop. Without CrossFit I'm sure my back would have blown out by now.
While surfing I have had a couple close calls to where I had to use every ounce of energy to get myself back up to the surface after getting pulled to the ocean floor. With CrossFit that same amount of physical energy and mental strength is applied for every workout. Because of this regularity of physical exertion, I know if I were put into an emergency situation, whether it be surfing on heavy days or getting people out of a burning building, I now have the mental strength not to hesitate and use my physical ability to its full capacity. It scares me to think that the general public does does not know the feeling of breaking through those mental walls and they have no idea of their own physical potential. I just hope that If I'm the one that needs saving that there is another crossfitter close by!
3. What are some of your goals with CrossFit and your fitness in general?
When I first started I had no idea of the efficiency of CrossFit so my original goal was just to be able to RX one benchmark workout at a time within 2 years. That happend within 6 months from coming in 4 days a week. Since I up'ed my attendance to 6 days a week the soreness is non-existant, my body has become accustomed to the workload and my monthly goals are coming along much faster. So I've stopped making goals and just take it week by week because I have no idea what I will be capable of a couple months or a year from now.
4. What is your diet like and where can you improve?
My diet varies from 90% - 50% Paleo. But for the most part, even on my slacking days, I apply the nutrition I have learned to atleast 1 or 2 out of my 4-5 meals a day. I have to admit, some days it's hard to choose between the spinach salad in the fridge and a bagel. Often I chose the bagel but, overall, my diet had improved 10 fold compared to how I ate before CrossFit.
5. Being the owner of Green Roast Coffee, and being comitted to a healthy lifestyle and products, what can you tell us specifically about your shop that sets it apart from other coffee shops?
We are generally a organic coffee shop. Although not everything on our menu is entirely healthy, since people expect staple coffee shop food such as scones and bagels, all of our patries are made in-house so they are all preservative free. We try to incorporate items for specific diets such as Vegan, Gluten-Free and, of course, Paleo. I am always experimenting to perfect healthy and delicious recipes specifically for our CrossFit community. Our milk is hormone free and we offer almond milk as an option.
Our coffee is Fair-Trade Organic which means it is grown with a rotating crop shading method. Shade trees protect the crops from rain and sun, help maintain soil quality, and aid in natural pest control, thanks to the birds. The rotating crop method prevents deforestation and displacement of wildlife. Keeping the plantations organic helps to conserve watersheds, leading to higher water quality and quantity for local populations. Along with the benifits of organic regular coffee, organic decaf coffee compared to regular decaf is even more benificial. Non organic decaf has chemicals from pesticides and growth enhancement as well as being chemically processed for decaffeination. Our decaf is organically grown and is decaffeinated through water processing. We also buy our beans raw and roast ourselves to ensure the highest quality beans for our coffee. Fair-Trade means that the plantation workers are under a local union which makes sure they get paid fair wages and have a better quality of life. Happy planation workers means better quality beans grown with more care.
All of our teas are organic and our syrups are organic as well. We use the syrups in our espresso drinks and Italian sodas. I do still get the craving for a carbonated drink here and there. We carbonate filtered water ourselves and along with the organic syrups makes for a healthy soda.
The two things that are important to me that I'm able to use at the shop are environmental awareness and art. All of our paper and plastics are made from recycled material and we regularly donate to enviromental organizations like Surfrider Foundation, Heal the Bay and Kokua Hawaii Foundation, and try to help the local art community.