Athlete Spotlight: Vince Dito

Tuesday May 22nd, 2012 Vince is the inaugural member chosen for the new bi-weekly Athlete Spotlight piece! 

A. Tabata Pushups

   Tabata Situps

B. Overhead Squat


Athlete Spotlight: Vince Dito

Vince started his CrossFit journey back in November and has not turned back since. I remember Vince from his OnRamp and the thing that stuck out was his fearless work ethic. During in the baseline he wasn't afraid to get after it, even emitting a few signature power grunts during the pullups. His strong work ethic and determination has allowed him to drop over 20lbs since first starting. His diet, as we'll see in minute is totally dialed in, and he rarely if ever misses a workout. As of the last few weeks, Vince is at the point where he is doing some workouts prescribed or at least very close on most; Not bad for only CrossFitting for 6 months. Vince's consistency, both in his workout effort and diet, have gotten him some excellent results in his fitness.

1.You won the DLG challenge! First of all, what were some of the keys to your success, and secondly, what physical differences did you feel from eating so clean?Probably the biggest key to my success was already being a weightwatchers member with the mobile app.  Since January, I have forced myself to log everything I eat, for better or worse.  When I read about the DLG challange, to me it meant a personal challange to not only stay within my daily allotment of points, but also to dicipline myself to stay away from foods I already knew were not good for me like bread, beer and sweets.  Also establishing a routine was a huge factor for me, after Ryan posted the rules, I knew how I needed to structure my diet to maximize my points without going too crazy.  Every morning except for one or two, I would wake up earlier to cook a wholesome breakfast of egg whites and either arugula, spinach, or spring mix.  I would also drink one cup of Kenny's awesome coffee, then switch to water.  Lunch would involve a salad and some type of fish typically, occasionally a serving of organic chicken.

The biggest difference I noticed was with how I felt after I ate.  During the challenge after I ate, even if I stuffed myself with spinach, I never felt full, never had indigestion and never felt tired after lunch.  On the one meal I was allowed to cheat, I often felt bloated and lethargic, and my digestive system would not be happy with me for at least 24 hours.  It was an eye opener as to what the body can get used to.

2. What does CrossFit mean to you? 

Crossfit to me means training to be strong for daily life and the physical activities that life can present.  For example, if someone invited me to go wakeboarding tomorrow and I had not been doing crossfit, I would probably be able to go for about 10 minutes before reaching complete exhaustion, then be deathly sore for 4-6 days.  Now I feel like I could take up the challenge and go for as long as I wanted.  The piece written about people thinking they need to run to get into shape was a perfect example of what I thought I needed before starting crossfit.  I would compete in triathlons, forcing myself to get into "shape" so I wouldn't completely die during the competition, but I really didn't enjoy the training.  I truly enjoy Crossfit and the great community of people I get to work out with.

3. You are one of the members in the gym that shows up consistently and has their diet dialed in pretty well. What sort of results have you gained from this consistency in both diet and training?

I have come to realize diet is super important for long term weight and fitness management, and also realizing what my body needs versus what my brain wants.  The biggest result I have noticed is strength gain and fat loss.  January 2nd I weighed 199.3 lbs. and as of this week I weigh 178.6 lbs.  I have not been this lean since high school and I have never been stronger.

4. Can you share some of your goals regarding fitness in general, CrossFit, and/or any physical achievements you wish to accomplish?  

The most important goal for me at this point is to get into a fitness routine that is sustainable.  By sustainable I mean something that I look forward to participating in , and i keep improving my fitness skills and strength without injury or negatively affecting other aspects of my life.  As a product of this sustainable fitness regimen, I am trying to get to a body weight and composition that i am happy and maintain for the rest of my life. As for my Crossfit specific goals, I am looking forward to the day I can do the vast majority of workouts as prescribed.

Short Answer Section
Favorite movement: Clean and Jerk
Least favorite movement: Double Unders
Biggest cheat food/meal: Carne Asada Quesadilla
Chalk or no chalk:  Gobs of Chalk
Parking preference (pch, avenues, back lot): Parking garage, first spot on the right (don't take it anyone!)
Excuse used for missing a workout: Had to work late
One word to describe you as a CrossFitter: Determined
What non CrossFitting friends say about you: Won't shut up about Crossfit, "must be nice to be skinny", "are you sick?"