Friday May 18th. 2012

Dealer's Choice

Excuse Resting

Every one of us has done this. It’s not a bad thing, it’s not detrimental to your body, it’s just a pet peeve I’ve had since the Paulina Fitness days. When I first started doing CrossFit I was guilty of it too. Here’s what I am talking about: You are doing “Helen”. You get back from the run, thinking to yourself you deserve something; maybe some praise, maybe some extra rest, maybe a nice, long drink of water. There it is. That damn water bottle just calling your name, “You need me, you’re doing so good, you deserve this!.” It’s like a little devil on your shoulder. You’ve been working out for 3 minutes. I promise you, dehydration is about 30 minutes away under the worst of hydration circumstances. You are not running the Death Valley Ultramarathon and do not need water every 10 minutes. There it’s off my chest.

Some of the stuff above is said in jest, but there is a tone of seriousness there. By the time the workout begins, you should be very well hydrated. Your hydration should start the day before an event or workout, by consuming at least half your body weight in ounces every day. During the warm-up, drink away, that is a good time to get fluids in. Once the workout starts, you are frickin Randy Johnson or Mia Hamm for the next 15 minutes. Dialed in, perfect focus, getting the job done. Do you think Mia Hamm leaves the field every 5 minutes to grab a sip of water? F No. It is unnecessary to gravitate to your water bottle after every round of “Cindy” and sit there for 20 seconds and gulp down it done. I promise, it will be there after the workout.

I’m not saying drinking water during a workout is not allowed. I just ask that you not use it as a crutch for “excuse resting”. Excuse resting consists of chalking up after every set of 7 pullups, looking around at other people pretending to see where they are at, and of course the dreaded water rest. During long workouts, especially those lasting longer than 20 minutes, I actually encourage you to take in some water. Hot days, long workouts, and sweaty workouts surely deserve a water break. If you do decide to take a break please try to humor me and make it fast. A quick swig will do.

In conclusion, you should be so focused on rocking the workout, the thought of water does not even enter your mind. Watch any CrossFit workout video on the main website or youtube and I guarantee you will not see any water intake during the workouts.