Surviving the Big Weekend

Monday April 30th, 2012

A. Max Effort Plank

    Max Effort Wall Sit

B. 2 Rounds:

    21 Thrusters (75/55)

    21 Toes to Bar


  2 Rounds:

   21 Power Snatches (75/55)

   21 Pushups

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Surviving the Big Weekend

Vegas, Coachella, Stagecoach, Weddings, Bachelor/ette parties etc etc are all fun destinations and events that allow us to create balance in our lives, escape from work, fitness, family, stress and everything else in our normal daily routine. As we all know, eventually we have to return from these little getaways and somehow manage to get back into the routine. The routine I am concerned about and will focus on is, of course, the CrossFit routine.

CrossFit is important to everyone in different ways. I think we can agree that everyone likes it some way or another, or you just wouldn't do it. Some like the competitiveness, some the challenge, and most everyone enjoys feeling healthier and fitter. The point is, it is necessary to check in sometimes and remember why you do CrossFit. This is important in remembering your goals and how fitness is a big priority for you.

This post is not aimed at damning Coachella or partying or having a good time. Not at all. Many close to me know that I rarely missed a good time, especially while living with 4 good buddies. Anyway, I see many return from these epic weekends with awesome stories, but also temporarily broken wellness: illness, lack of motivation, fatigue, dehydration, prolonged hangover etc.  It wasn't until I started training others that I noticed the profound effect of the big weekend on the body.

Here are some suggestions on how to survive the big weekend and be back on Monday:

Taper off the partying: easier said than done but what works for me is starting off strong and by the last day trying to wind down on the booze and catching more sleep. For example, in Vegas have your big night on Friday, have a crazy Saturday at the pool, but then on Saturday night have a few less drinks than on Friday and catch an extra hour of sleep. This will pay big divedends come Monday.

Drink as much water as possible: Yes alcohol is made up of mostly water BUT it contains chemicals that make you pee out most of that water. It is a dehyrdrant so for every drink you consume, it takes that same amount of pure water to make up the difference. It's one of the reasons why we get hung over. As the night slows down, start chugging water the same you did the beer bong. Double your efforts with day-drinking, especially when heat is involved. Most poor gym performances after a big weekend is due to dehydration. Muscles cannot fire properly without the adequate presence of water.

Be somewhat thoughtful about nutrition: this might be the hardest task while partying . My strategy is to try and eat a really healthy meal before drinking and to have healthy snacks at the final destination of the night for late night binge eating. I promise if you come home to house full of almonds and coconut water, you will consume those items. If the freezer is stocked with frozen mac and cheese, that will surely get crushed. Alcohol competes with many of the B-vitamins, so they can get depleted very quickly, especially folate. The more wholesome foods you consume during the big weekend, the more likely your recovery will be easier.

The secret hangover remedy: Since I know you guys so well now I am graciously going to hand over my hangover secrets with all of you. When I was studying for my master's in holistic nutrition, I experimented a ton with hangover remedies. Some worked and some didn't. If you have the time and patience, here is what worked:

Before alcohol was consumed:

1 large spinach salad (tons of b-vitamins)

1 heaping scoop of royal jelly (superfood)

2 emergenC packets (orange flavor)

24oz Kangen water

Before bed:

15-20 almonds or several scoops of almond butter (sometimes still in the bed in the morning)

1 coconut water OR

1 kombucha

Kangen water, as much as possible

In the morning:

Fruit Smoothie w/ berries, protein powder, cacao beans, hemp seeds, chia seeds, flaxseeds, and bee pollen (more on this recipe later)

1 Kombucha

Your fitness is very important to me. I am all for having a blast at the big weekend, but I hate to see people lose a week of training as a result. Try some of the strategies suggested and see if that helps you get back into the gym sooner than later!