Highlights from the Throwdown

Tuesday April 24th, 2012

A. 5 Minutes Max Rep Double Unders

B. 3 Rounds:

30 seconds max rep Ring Dips

30 seconds max rep Jumping Lunge

30 seconds max rep KB Swing (53/35)

Rest 2 Minutes

3 Rounds: 

30 seconds max rep Knees to Bows

30 seconds max rep Burpees

30 seconds max rep KB SumoDLHP (53/35)

Highlights from the Throwdown

Heather on WOD #1: after completing a #65 sled drag on grass and contributing  to the handstand walk, HBecks went on to crush the 100 total reps of wall balls, 24” box jumps, #53 KB Swings, and 2 for 1 burpees. She completed the work before anyone else on her team, and before many other women she was competing against.

Larry on the pole climb: Larry was designated  to exclusively do the pole climb for his team on the Thruster/Pole climb WOD. Not only are pole climbs more difficult than rope climbs, these poles were attached by chains, which added even more difficult. Larry had to fight through a hand rip and tough conditions (heat/slippery pole) but finished strong getting in 2 final climbs as time expired.

Haley on the handstand walk: Haley showcased her gymnastic skills by walking a large portion of the 50m for her team. Many teams used an assist but CrossFit Redondo Team 2 was the only team to do all 50m with no assist.

Rich taking his shirt off for the 400m relay: despite temperatures in the mid 80’s, Rich somehow spent the whole day in warm-up pants and a sweatshirt. However, in an unprecedented move, he removed all upper body clothing for a short 5 minutes when he ran the anchor leg of the 400m relay. Which he crushed!

Steph getting the pole climb: After getting halfway up the pole twice, Steph kicked her shoes off and made it to the top on her first try. After that, she was able to complete one climb per round for the rest of the workout.


Dion’s 400m run: Dion started the race like a bat out of hell. We never heard his split time, but he got Team 2 off to a great start in the relay.

Stacey’s Consistency: Stacey showed her well-roundedness throughout the competition by finishing the first WOD under the time cap, running a solid 400 meters, and handling the business on the thrusters.


Both Team’s first competition: This was CrossFit Redondo’s first competition as a team. Not only were we the best dressed (see facebook pics), but both teams performed very well. We showed consistency throughout the competition, not one  of the 3 WOD’s being beyond our capacity. Team 1 finished in 4th while team 2 was right behind in 6th. This was against competition that has much more experience than we do. HeyDey (3.5 years),  Karma (2 years), Code 3 (2 years) and Signal Hill (not sure but at least 1 year) all have CrossFitters with some serious experience under their belts. Our results are proof that if you work hard and stay consistent with your training, like those on the two teams have shown, progress will be immense.

A big thanks to those who came out and supported the teams and took pictures too!