Dealer's Choice Strategy

Friday April 13th, 2012


7 ways to make Dealer's Choice Friday a better workout:

1. Come in with a plan

Have an idea of what you want to accomplish before you can come in. What do you need to work on? What movement haven't you done in awhile? If you have a plan when you come in, I can better facilitate your mobility work, skill work etc before you begin the workout.

2. Attack A Weakness

A few months ago we worked on our goats (worst exercise) and many of you have made great strides in making that weakness not so weak. Fridays are good time to work on a weakness and get that much closer to turning it into a strength. Two years ago, I could barely do a single HSPU. I worked on them every week for a year, and now consider them one of my strengths. Making weaknesses into strengths is the ultimate CrossFit accomplishment.

3. Do a Girl or Hero Workout

These workouts are tried and true and will never go away. They are CrossFit originals and are very well-designed WOD's. They are also fun workouts to repeat and see how much you've improved from previous bests.

4. Bring in your own programmed workout

Last week Heather designed a workout that was well-thought out. She roped in a few other members in the class to do it with her and it was a success. Don't be afraid to come in with your own workout. If I see something funny about it I'll suggest a change, but I encourage everyone to try to program workouts for themselves every once in awhile. You'll learn what works and what doesn't and it will help you have confidence to design workouts for family/friends to try.

5. Do a WOD that was posted that week that you missed

If you saw a workout you liked from the same week or even weeks back and missed the class, do that workout. It's a good approach because you're still getting the same dose that others in the gym got, so everyone is on the same page.

6. Do a previous workout and try to PR

When I first started CrossFitting I would repeat workouts all the time. I liked the feeling of getting a PR and since I didn't know any better if it worked once and I didn't die, why not do it again? It's important to check in and get a chance to see progress. I've seen 10 minute PR's on workouts done 6 months prior. There is no better confidence boost than seeing your numbers improve.

7. Work on a skill or lift heavy

Still struggling with kipping pullups? Muscle Ups? Olympic Lifts? Friday's are usually a more casual atmosphere. Don't be afraid to ask me or one of the trainers to step aside and teach you a skill. Also, don't be afraid to grab a barbell and lift heavy. When we first started training in the Paulina backyard we were running and body weight machines. But, we never lifted heavy. When we started lifting heavy more often, everything improved because the medium weight workouts got easier/faster. Lift more!