Open 12.5 Recap

 A. Kinnick Body Weight Warm-Up

B. Back Squat 


Performance(s) of the week: This one is a tie between Stacey Graham and Kenny Ohara. Stacey did the 12.5 for the first time on Wednesday and got a solid score of 64. With some much-needed sleep and some chest-to-bar practice she came back on Saturday and scored an 80, giving her a 16 rep PR. Stacey has been consistent if her training and had a great first Open. Kenny was reluctant to sign up for the Open. But, after 12.5 was over and done he realized it was a positive experience. Kenny went into 12.5 with a goal of getting through the round of 9 (36 reps). Kenny, with his added strength and efficiency scored a 62, double the reps he thought he could.

Contributing Ladies*: Stacey Graham (80), Stephanie Byrnes (69), Kjersti Onderonk (77)

Contributing Men*Eric Haynes (101), Ryan Doyle (101), Richard Haynes (93)

Other Notable Performances: Where to begin! We had 8 people who had never a done a legitimate chest-to-bar pullup prior to the beginning of the Open, who got their first one and more during 12.5: Kjersti, Stacey, Steph, Haley, Heather, Dick, Sean, and Fig. We also had some solid PR's from last year: Rich (4), Larry (17), Ryan (11), Elliott (4), and Austin (11). Kevin Lang showed off his newfound chest-to-bar rhythm with a solid score of 68. Skyler Harkins and Dion Trieb both broke the 80 rep mark with 83 and 84 respectfully. Joe Persichina found some time and some equipment in Italy to deliver a score of 101. Frank Sabatasso "used zee thruster!" to get himself a 69 rep score.

CrossFit Redondo Team Rank: 83rd (-1) in Southern Cal, 1055th Worldwide (-22)

*Scores counted for Team CrossFit Redondo

Full Open recap coming soon! With video!