Week 3 Recap

Tuesday March 13, 2012

A. 3 Minutes of Max Rep Double Unders

Buy In: Handstand Walk 100ft (200ft lid drag/200ft bear crawl)

3 Rounds:

25 Pullups

75 Double Unders 

Buy Out: 50 Pistols

Performance(s) of the week: Dick Haynes and Katie Crawford- when Dick first came to Paulina Fitness, he did a workout with knees to elbows. With his best effort, he could get his knees about hip high for that workout. After practice, mobility work, and increased strength, Dick was able to get 163 reps on WOD 3, and an impressive 36 toes to bar. Katie came last Wednesday night, having never done a legitimate TTB. After an hour of practice, she was able to get her first TTB. But she was not satisfied with just getting one; she pressed on and started to string 2 and 3 together. Once WOD 3 was all said and done, Katie had successfully done 14 legit TTB. Congrats to both these athletes for their hard work and dedicated practice!

Contributing Ladies*: Stacey Graham (238) Kjersti Onderonk (222), Heather Beckman (241)

Contributing Men*, Eric Haynes (299), Ryan Doyle (339), Joe Persichina (360)

Other Notable Performances: Mara Kapano handled the 75lbs very well and ended up getting a solid score of 137. Steph Byrnes also did a nice job with the heavy women's weight and posted a 167. Dion Trieb fought through shoulder pain, but still racked up 236 reps. Skyler Harkins did himself well with a nice 249 for the 3rd WOD.

CrossFit Redondo Team Rank: 90th in Southern Cal, 1098th Worldwide

This is impressive considering many of the boxes both in front of and behind us in rank are much older boxes than us. Not bad for an 8-month old gym!


*scores counted for the CrossFit Redondo team