2012 Accomplishments (So Far)

Saturday February 18, 2012

The Filthy Fifty

For time:  50 Box jumps 24 (inch box),  50 Jumping pull-ups,  50 Kettlebell swings (1 pood),  Walking Lunge 50 steps,  50 Knees to elbows,  50 Push press (45 pounds),  50 Back extensions,  50 Wall ball shots (20 pound ball),  50 Burpees,  50 Double unders.

2012 in Review (through Feb 17)

We are 2.5 months into 2012, and there have been some incredible milestones hit so far this year. Here are some of them:

Stacey Graham, Frank Sabatasso, Thomas Norcio, Jon Swift, Dion Trieb, Kenny Ohara all got their first muscle up.

Steve Mathes did a successful rope climb on his very first attempt.

Kelly Hunt did her first strict pullup.

The first to ever to complete “Linda” as RX’ed, Dan Mathieu soldiered through the “3 Bars O’ Death” at a body weight of 205.  He also turned in a 2:24 “Grace”.

Erika Schweer and Connie Harwell have made great improvements on their double unders. Erika recently did 15 consecutives and Connie, who could barely do a single under not long ago, can now string together multiple double unders.

Stephanie Byrnes recently deadlifted 190lbs, good for over 1.5x body weight.

Kjersti recently dominated “Nancy” posting a 15:23 and setting herself firmly on the leaderboard.

Speaking of “Nancy”, Stacey Graham recently had a huge PR by completing the workout in 14:05. She beat her old time by over a minute and added 10 more pounds to the OH Squat.

Kenny smoked “Angie” with a sub-20 effort of 19:22. He also makes a mean cup of joe.

Allison Cahill recently did 200 double unders in 6:47, improving her technique enough to complete the 200.

Brent Graham recently did Angie RX’ed and finished with a respectable time of 29:20.

 Eric Haynes put up a ridiculous 3:05 on “Fran”, besting his previous time of 4:57 (Aug ’11) by just under 2 minutes. Larry went unbroken on every set except for the last set up pullups, doing 8 and then 1 to finish. His smooth butterfly pullups and consistent thrusters allowed him to move quickly and efficiently.

 Adeline Tran is literally millimeters from getting that first no-band pullup. Her well-roundedness has helped her post consistent results day to day.

 Joe P destroyed “Angie” with a time of 14:50, putting him well ahead of all members of the gym by at least 4 minutes.

Heather Beckman entered the leader board for “Karen” with a time of 7:20, a 2 minute PR and best of the ladies. She also had a ridiculous 50 rep PR on Fight Gone Bad, getting just under 300 reps.

Elliott Grau had a very nice showing with “Mary”, completing 12 full rounds.

 Marla Doyle and Tami Mance both made a 150lb deadlift look easy. Speaking of Deadlifts Vince Dito posted a 20lb PR on his lift, good for #265.

Dylan Trieb ran a timed mile at school and decided to take it easy on the other kids and just post a 6:23, the best time in the school! His proud Papa Dion did 50 wall balls in 1:21, best of the day. Dion also finished 6th in his age group at the recent SoCal Spartan Race, an 8 mile obstacle-ridden course with crazy hills.

Rich Haynes finally learned how to kip his HSPU’s and threw down a gym best 6:47 on “Diane”.  Julie Haynes just recently strung together 2 double unders, her first time ever trying it. Dick Haynes continues to hit huge PR’s on old workouts, and can now do toes-to-bar, regular pullups, and a #270 deadlift. He recently had a solid PR on his mile run, going sub 9 minutes.

Rob Buckley does most everything as RX’ed, having only been doing CrossFit for 3 months. He did a 5-rep max back squat at 285, best in the gym.

Haley Larson put her name on the “Annie” leaderboard with a sub 6 minute time.

Lauren Moody has been a beast on the rower, posting a 1:49 500m time.

 Austin Pollet has been consistently improving on old times, including a sub 19 min “Angie”, a sub 5 minute “Fran” and he is the first in the gym to complete the dreaded “Barbara”.

“The Beast” had a nice PR on “Grace” with a time of 3:46, rowed 500m in 1:30 and PR’ed on his deadlift (#385).

The 2011 WipeOut champion Mark Luzan did a repeat workout with double unders, pistols, pushups and pullups and had a full 5-minute PR, even with a 2 month separation between efforts

 Kevin Lang continues to impress with his barbell lifts. He did a 1-rep max OH Squat of 185. He also completed “Fran” RX’ed in under 8 minutes.

Katie Crawford continues to improve in all facets, especially her kipping pullups (she pretty much invented an efficient band kipping pullup).

Justin Leoff has mastered double unders (at least 50 consecutive) and kipping pullups, now doing a majority of workouts as prescribed.

 Adam Richards continues to move forward, with great efforts on “Cindy” (10+ rounds), a #140 OH Squat, and he completed the tumultuous Saturday WOD w/ running wall balls and pushups in under 30 minutes.

 Frank Sabatasso PR’ed on his deadlift (#325) and his split jerk (#215).

 Mara Kapano has pretty much re-invented the wall ball with her full body jump-throws. Her chest-to-bar pullups in “death by” were rock solid and she is on the verge of ditching the band on regular pullups for good.

For the newer members, once you start repeating workouts and lifts it will be awesome to see the massive progress that occurs!