Tuesday January 10, 2012

A. Tabata Pushup

B. 21-18-15-12-9-6-3

SumoDLHP (75/50)

Push Press (75/50)

Kickin That Goat's Ass


The above video features Dylan Trieb, Dion's 10 year old son. He does 25 pretty darn legit pullups with a really effective kip. Now, Dylan is about as hungry a CrossFitter as they come. If you've ever worked out in the afternoon/evening, you've probably seen Dylan jumping on 30 inch boxes or practicing his kipping pullup. He didn't just jump on that bar and rattle off 25 straight with no practice. Dylan enthusiastically asks me and others questions in order to get better, and he particularly latched on to improving his pullups. 

The reason I use Dylan's pullup story as an example is because hard truly pays off when it comes to CrossFit. Our specialty is not specializing. However, taking extra time to work on something specific (like your goat), is not just a mindless exercise. It's not me giving you busy work like your 4th grade teacher used to give out. Making the weakest link in your chain a newfound strength is a huge step in the direction towards fitness. Putting in extra work will surely add up and get you those 10 consecutive double unders, or decrease your "Karen" time, or make you into a pullup machine like that crazy kid in the video.

Where talent comes from?