Kill Your Goat Month

January 1, 2012

A. Over Head Squat


B. 3 Rounds:

400m Run

30 OH Squats (75/45)

21 Pullups


During the whole the month of January, our goal as a gym is kill our goat. The objective is to make our biggest weakness (running, pullups, box jumps etc.) become just another exercise, and not something we suck at.


ANNOUNCEMENT: If you are interested in using the Kangen water machine, there will be a small fee to continue using it moving forward in the new year. The price breakdown goes like this:

1-month: $15 (no bottle included)

6-month: $50 (1 gallon bottle included)

12-month: $80 (1 gallon bottle included)

Water use is unlimited. You may fill up any and every bottle you own, whenever you want. There will be another Kangen demo in late January, which is very valuable in explaining the benefits of drinking the water.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Fridays will now be a different structure. For the next few months, Fridays will be a sort of workout make-up day. You can either make up a workout you missed during the week, repeat a benchmark workout like "Cindy" or an old workout you liked, or have one of the trainers design a workout that hits your weaknesses.

What Fuel Are You Running On?

 Cyclist Floyd Landis was on the 16th stage of the Tour de France, and he was in yellow. It was a famous mountain stage, so difficult that all 8 of his teammates were unable to keep pace with him, leaving him alone to defend his lead. In competitive cycling, teammates are supposed to protect the lead cyclist, bring him food and water, and allow him to draft off their back wheel. Without teammates, Floyd had no access to food or any sort of calories.  With 2.5 miles left in the race, Floyd “bonked” aka “died” aka “hit the wall” and ended up losing his lead by over 8 minutes. He famously made a historic comeback the next day, regaining his lead, as some would call “the most epic day in tour history”. He was then stripped of his Tour victory due to blood doping.

I remember watching this race back in 2006, and watching the agony in Landis’s face, his legs not being able to function without the proper energy. His central nervous system was exhausted, his muscles lacking in glycogen (stored energy), his blood sugar plummeting. More than any textbooks ever taught me, I witnessed first hand how dramatic lack of nutrition can impact performance.

You are a Ferrari. Not a mini van, nor a mid-size sedan, nor a Dodge Stratus or even a Cadillac Deville. You are a high performance machine due to the fact that CrossFit demands you to perform at such a high level day in and day out. Let’s pretend I know a lot about cars (I really don’t), and say that Ferraris are special because they can handle smoothly, accelerate rapidly, and reach high speeds. They are built for performance and that’s it. You are no different; built to move, jump, run fast, run long, lift heavy, be agile, and do technical movements.  However, and here’s the catch: none of this is possible without the correct fuel. In other words, full human potential cannot be reached without sound nutrition.

There are 3 standard types of fuel for cars, and for the purpose of this article, we will say there are 3 types for humans too. Now, a Ferrari can run on unleaded gas, but not nearly to it’s potential. It can run on unleaded plus too, but it won’t be able to last as long or run as smooth as it should. The Ferrari , like us, needs the best quality fuel for the best possible performance. Without premium fuel, not us nor the car will ever reach optimal performance.

The 3 levels of Fuel:

Before we get into the actual foods keep this in mind: Your body is in a constant state of flux. We are highly dynamic organisms in that we break down and build tissues every second of every day. New cells are being produced by the millions, muscle tissue is being broken down then regenerated, and the blood is transforming whatever was recently ingested to the entire body. So ask yourself this question? What sort of materials would like to use to build your bodies components? At the most simplistic level, a cookie is not going build tissue the same way spinach does.



Bread, white pasta, twinkies, chips, cookies, sugar-laden cereal, processed foods (pop tarts, cheese its, anything with MSG, anything with aspartame, anything  with high fructose corn syrup), non-fat milk, crackers, candy, ice cream, sugar, pizza, burgers, cheap non-organic meats, energy drinks, alcohol, white foods, soda, diet soda, Gatorade,  gimmicky “health drinks”.

-this is a disease-promoting diet, not a performance enhancing one. This is the type of diet that gets you on the Biggest Loser, with Type 2 diabetes and morbid obesity. I don’t think any of our CrossFit Redondo peeps are on this diet, but we all eat foods from this list. We all know what it feels like to come to a workout after eating these foods: the body just doesn’t cooperate. That heavy feeling is present, the lungs seem on fire, and vomiting seems to be the only way to feel better. Avoid these foods at all costs. Your engine will not run smoothly.

  Unleaded Plus

Potatoes, corn, tap water, non organic produce (sprayed with pesticides), whole grains, cereals, white rice, whole milk, peanuts, peanut butter, wheat, yogurt, farm-raised fish, non-organic meat, caged eggs, black tea, cheap coffee, fruit juices (store bought), soy products,

These foods will keep your engine running but only about three-quarters to it’s potential. Eating these foods is like doing the WOD’s at 70% intensity; you’re missing 30% of your performance. Eliminate these foods from your diet, and see an instant performance boost!

 Super Premium

Oragnic grass-fed meat and eggs, wild caught fish, high quality alkaline water, organic vegetables (especially kale, broccoli, chard, cabbage, arugula, spinach, etc), nuts (almonds, walnuts, pecans, macadamia), fruits, seeds, sprouts, avocado, beans, super-foods like goji berries, blue-green algae, quinoa, maca root, bee products, spirulina, hempseeds, chia seeds, cacao, coconut products, and aloe vera, green tea, probiotics, kombucha, garlic, pink sea salt, turmeric, organic coffee (Green Roast!), fresh homemade juice,

This is a performance-enhancing diet. These foods provide amino acids for building muscle, minerals for everyday body functions and fluid balance, vitamins to rebuild tissue, and antioxidants to recover from intense exercise. These foods in combination will enable your body to not only perform optimally, but to recover expediently.

When we put something into our bodies, that substance is either pushing us towards better health/performance or pulling us away from it. That substance, in some fashion, becomes a part of us owing to the relevant saying "you are what you eat". Like a Ferrari, we need the best fuel to perform the best. Floyd Landis discovered that without the proper energy from food, he would nearly lose the Tour de France. Make it a goal to fill up with super premium foods on a daily basis, and watch your daily performance improve drastically!