Luke D

Friday November 18, 2011

"Luke D"

1 Mile Run

24 Thrusters (95/65)

24 Bicycle Situps (4 Count)

800m Run

20 Thrusters

20 Bicycle Situps

400m Run

16 Thrusters

16 Bicycle Situps

Workouts of the Day: Stephanie Byrnes and Heather Beckman- both these gals did the workout today as prescribed, completing 75 legitimate pullups, 150 Double Unders and 50 reps of 125lb deadlifts. Congrats ladies!

Saying Goodbye- Our own Luke Davis is taking a job in Atlanta next week. Luke has been progressing very rapidly. He's always on time, shows up with a great attitude, and works extremely hard. We wish Luke the best of luck with his new job and city. Luke, I hope you continue on your CrossFit journey in Atlanta and continue to have success!