Calling Audibles

Friday November 4, 2011

Probably more appropriate for the "CrossFit Won't Make You Big" blog, but still thought I'd shareA. Overhead Squat


B. 20 Minute AMRAP:

20 Double Unders

15 KB Swings (53/35)

10 OH Squats (95/65)

Calling Audibles

As some of you may have noticed, the workout posted on the blog doesn't always match up with the workout written on the board when you come into class. Oops, I tricked you! You sit at your desk, envisioning yourself just crushing those 35lb KB swings thinking, Today is your day; you are going to show everyone how bad ass you really are. Then you show up to the gym (with your sweetest outfit), only to find the KB is now 44lbs and the workout is an extra round. F@#$! This scenario will ruin any law-abiding CrossFit citizen's day.

I am here to admit to all of you that programming CrossFit workouts is not a perfect science. It is actually one of the most fun parts about what I do, and also the most stressful. Sometimes a workout just manifests out of mid air and is so symmetrical and perfect, I just want to sing from the rooftops. Then there are other times, when the workout seems awesome at 10pm and then looks like finger paint at noon. When I design these workouts (80%) and take them from elsewhere (20%) my goal is maximize power output, provide variety, ensure there is a flow to the workout, and make it fun and safe. There are other factors involved but I don't want 50 programming experts in the gym critiquing my every workout. I already have Richard to do that.

Addressing the audible issue, the only reason I do this to create the best workout I can for you guys on a daily basis. Sometimes, the workout needs a little tinkering to make it as near perfect as possible. When I change the WOD, it is with a lot of thought that I do so. I want the blog to be accurate, so my promise to you is that I will stay true to the posted workout as much as possible. Just don't freak out and think I'm trying to trick everyone, I assure you I get no pleasure from it. The only thing I get pleasure from is when you lay on the ground after the workout. Don't do that if don't want me to get any satisfaction.

Yeah, I've been there too