No Bread Baseline Part Deux

Tuesday November 1, 2011 Introducing the Winner of the Best Costume/Spirit Award:

A. Mobility 

B. No Bread Baseline

4 Rounds:

20 Pullups

20 Box Jumps (24/20")

20 Situps

20 Wall Balls (20/14)

ANNOUNCEMENT: The No Bread Baseline will take place tomorrow and Wednesday. Please try to make it in on one of those days. If you recently joined the gym, you take the baseline now, do a 30-day No-Bread Challenge and do the baseline in a month if you are so inclined.

The Naughty Food Party will start at 12:30pm on Saturday. Please bring ANY food item for a potluck style buffet. Anything is acceptable, from Krispy Kreme donuts (Elliott) to In-n-Out Burgers and Fries. Just bring enough for others to try. Beer will be provided, but feel free to bring any other beverage of choice. We will get naughty until roughly 5pm, when I must leave for the Notre Dame game. Should be enough time to be gluttons!