Reaching Goals

Monday, October 17, 2011


20 Minute AMRAP

5 Pullups

10 Pushups

15 Air Squats


A. 3 Rounds:

1 minute L-sit

1 minute handstand hold

1 minute ring hold 

B. "Randy"

75 Power Snatches (75/45)

The back white board will now serve a special purpose. If you have a goal, and all of you should, you can write it on the back white board. You can write anything, for example "20 consecutive double unders by 12/20/11."  Once you achieve your goal, you can write ACHIEVED next to the goal and then write up a new one.  I highly encourage everyone to participate in this. Let's get reach some goals before 2011 is over!

Some general guidelines for setting goals:

Make sure it is realistic - deadlifting 600lbs may sound awesome, but for many of us probably won't happen in this lifetime.

Your goal should be specific- "I want to get double unders" is not specific. "I want to get two consecutive double unders with a compact jump" gives you more direction.

Your goal should have a timeline:  tag a specific date or time frame to your goal. "In exactly 3 weeks I will..." Or, "By the first of December I will have..."

Make your goal is clear and concise: "I will overhead squat 100lbs for a single rep max by the new year" is clear. "I will overhead squat 100lbs while keeping my arms straight, weight in my heels, achieving perfect depth, with my head in a neutral position, and I will do this some time in the next few months" is just too long, too specific and the time is unclear. If someone asked you what your goal is, you should be able to explain it in a quick sentence and they should understand your vision.

Have a plan: How are you going to achieve this goal? What specifically will you do to make this happen? If your goal is to "run a sub 8-minute mile", what will you do inside and outside of the gym to ensure you are improving your running? Your plan is for your own notes and is a must for achieving goals. Write your goal on the white board and write your plan in your notebook.

These guidelines may seem a bit overkill or tedious, but they really do work. Once a goal is on paper, or better yet, in a public place, the likelihood of achieving that goal increases greatly. As a community, let's get closer to these goals each and every day!