Gym Rules

Thursday October 13, 2011

A. Deadlift


B. 50 Box Jumps

5 Deadlifts (80% max)

40 Box Jumps

4 Deadlifts (80% max)

30 Box Jumps

3 Deadlifts (80% max)

20 Box Jumps (80% max)

2 Deadlifts (80% max)

10 Box Jumps 

1 Deadlift (80% max)


1. Be on time- I know many of you work your butt off to get to the gym on time. Please continue to do your best at this. Missing warm-ups or technique can lead to injury.

2. Introduce yourself to new members- We usually do a meet and greet after the warm-ups, but don't wait that long. Introduce yourself right away to new CrossFitters. We are a community and this goes a long way with people who are nervous about their first workout.

2. Pick up after your workout- any equipment you use, put it back in it's proper place

3. Never drop a kettle bell or empty barbell- Kettle bells dropped from overhead is dangerous for the athlete and it tears up the floor. Barbells are only made to be dropped with bumper plates on them. Also, avoid dropping PVC pipes too!

4. Keep coaches informed of any injuries- if you are hurting, sore or injured let a coach know in advance. We can always work around the injury.

5. Do the correct amount of reps- the rep schemes are designed for a reason. Let a coach know before a workout if you want to scale the reps. Don't cheat. Ever.

Don't complain, use the word "can't, use negative self-talk or have self-pity.

DO Have fun, try new things, get comfortable being uncomfortable, cheer each other on, and enjoy your fitness.