Baseline Test is Here

Friday September 30, 2011

A. Mobility Work


B. The No Bread Challenge Baseline

4 Rounds:

20 Pullups

20 Box Jumps

20 Situps

20 Wall Balls


A majority of you will be tackling this workout tomorrow. I want everyone to treat this workout like any other; go hard, take short rests, and do the movements right. 


The No Bread Baseline is just one part of the challenge.  It is an indicator of how your body reacted to a cleaner diet from a performance aspect.  But, during this challenge I want you to become more aware of things.  There is something rewarding about transitioning to a more natural diet.  Notice the increase in energy, the more consistent mood, better sleep, better workouts, and any other improvements that may occur.  The first couple of days or even the first week may be very difficult.  Weekends will be tough.  People are going to ask you why, they are going to tempt you.  Stay strong and remember your personal reasons for wanting to complete this challenge, whatever they may be. 


The fact that many of you are already doing CrossFit is a huge step toward wellness and lifelong fitness. Nutrition is the foundation of health, so if as a community we can get through this challenge and it makes us better, that's another huge step toward optimal health. 


Good luck on the baseline test and congrats to those who have already completed it.  See you in the gym!