Dates Announced for No Bread Challenge

Thursday September 22, 2011

50 foot Crawl w/ DB Row

80 Double Unders

9 Power Snatches

60 Double Unders

12 Power Snatches

50 foot Crawl w/ DB Row

40 Double Unders

15 Power Snatches

20 Double Unders

18 Power Snatches

50 foot Crawl w/ DB Row


Okay, so here's the deal with the No Bread Challenge in October.  There are a few dates I want to mention so you guys know the deal.


Thurs Sept 29- Baseline Test

Fri Sept 30- Baseline Test

Sat Oct 1- Challenge Begins

Tues Nov 1- Baseline Test/Challenge Ends

Wed Nov 2- Baseline Test

Sat Nov 5- Naughty Food Party


If you want to participate in the challenge you MUST complete the baseline test before October 1st. There are two days designated to the baseline. If you cannot make it to either of those days, let me know asap so we can find a time to do it. 


The Naughty Food Party will be a potluck style get-together where you can bring foods you missed during the No Bread Challenge.  It can be anything from cookies, to french bread, to pasta.  The party will start at 12 noon on Saturday Nov 5th and alcohol will be provided.  You can bring anyone you want, doing the challenge is not required.  Awards will be presented to those who exceled in the challenge.


Coming Soon: A list of acceptable and unacceptable foods