Show Some Knee

Monday September 19, 2011

A. OH Squat


B. "Nancy"

5 Rounds:

400m Run

15 OH Squat (95/65)

ANNOUNCEMENT: Please check the schedule on for the new and updated schedule.  Some changes have been made and I want everyone to be aware of these.

Most men tend to choose function over form.  We enjoy simple things that have one job and do that job well, with no fuss or interference.  For example, take the wallet; small, compact, efficient, does the job.  We love the wallet because it houses everything we need to get through our day.  The invention of the "satchel", "man-purse", and "euro man-bag" were only created to confuse us men, and trick us into thinking we need more storage than we really do.  That's what briefcases are for, but I digress.  Anyway, the point is that men like to weed out all the unnecessary items in our life to remain efficient and to avoid confusion.  A good pair of cargo shorts and some strapped sandals may not get you any lady attention, but damn they are great for a long walk.

What does any of this have to do with CrossFit? Well, I've been noticing a pretty awesome trend in the gym. One of functionality, range of motion, and down right old schoolness.  Ready for it? Short Shorts!  Remember 10 years ago when wearing any pair of shorts above the knee was the social kiss of death?  In fact, if the shorts worn at the normal waistline did not go slightly below the knee, people would "sag" them down so they would do so.  We are all guilty here.  But now those day seem to be over.  John Stockton and Richard Simmons would be proud.

A majority of the male members of the gym have elected to go high tight, citing better movement and more compliments regarding the quad area.  Old P.E. shorts and sweat shorts seem to be making their way out of the bottom of the drawer and into CrossFit Redondo in rapid fashion.  This phenonemon has developed into somewhat of a one-up contest, with shorts getting shorter by the week.  At this rate, a dress code may be enforced.

What we can conclude from this new trend is that function is back. No longer do we have to we have to arrange our waistband below the hip to avoid public humility. Comments like "Hey Gramps" or "Where's the flood" now just roll off our backs.  CrossFit is definitely the up-and-coming sport, so don't be surprised if other sports start coming back to the short-short look.  Hey, we're all about functional movements here and you can't spell functional without the word fun!