Mobility Time

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A. Mobility Work
B. 3 Rounds:
20 GHD Situps
15 KB Swings (70/44)
10 Deadlifts (245/155)

Taking Care of Your Mobility

For Part A tomorrow we will spend about 30 minutes on mobility work.  The goal of these mobility sessions are two-fold. One, they prepare you for the upcoming workout and improve your soft tissue function for the long term.  Secondly and most important is these sessions will give you the tools to add  self-care into your CrossFit regime.  In other words, YOU are responsible for your mobility, stretching, and soft tissue work.  These exercises can be done before or after workouts.  If you finish a warm-up I will never stop you from doing these exercises before the WOD.

In addition to mobility work, if you guys ever want myself or Larry or Rich to manually stretch you, just ask.  Trust me, I've stretched a fully drenched Jon Zellers, I don't mind doing it.

Another great resource for mobility is by Kelly Starrett.  Starrett is a genius when it comes to this stuff and if you watch his video blog long enough you will learn a ton about loosening up your body.  We all know who we are.  Most of us guys are wound tighter than drums and need to constantly work on this.  Starrett believes that most CrossFitters lose at least 20% of their power during workouts because of bad mobility.  That means your FRAN time may be lowered just by focusing on weak links in your mobility.