The Iron Man

Friday August 26, 2011.




Iron Man

Cal Ripken Junior broke Lou Gehrig's record of consecutive Major League Baseball Games played in 1995, with an astonishing 2,131 games.   After that day, Cal played in another 501 straight games bringing the final streak to 2,632.  For seventeen, 162-game seasons he never missed a day of work.

At Paulina Fitness, no one ever talked about Cal Ripken until Dick Haynes mentioned he had not missed a workout in a 3-month span.  He had made it through roughly

 40 straight workouts, impressing most everyone at the gym at this small feat.  But now, in CrossFit Redondo's 6th week of operation, Dick Haynes has amassed 105 consecutive workouts (4 times per week) with no signs of letting up.

You see, in CrossFit it's not about the amount of weight you lift or being the fastest or having perfect technique; this sport is much deeper than that.  There are hundreds of underlying themes in CrossFit, other than the just the workout.  For example, there would be days where Dick would finish his wokout with 15 minutes left in the hour. Instead of leaving the gym, he would stay and offer the athletes encouragement.   When equipment is short, he is the first one to offer up his space or his kettle bell for someone else.  It is these small gestures which define him and show that CrossFit is more than just workout.

Dick embodies what a CrossFitter should be like.  He is humble, he works his butt off, he shows up (a lot), he cares about others progress in the gym.  Dick is the oldest male member of the gym and definitely the most respected. 

The younger guys can learn a lot from Dick. He is a lesson in consistency. He has proved that consistency can go a very long way.  Today, he recorded a 5 MINUTE personal record (PR) on a workout he did 6 months ago.  In the CrossFit world, these type of improvements are few and far between.  A 155 lb deadlift was once a daunting task for him but he can now pull 265lbs off the ground with flawless technique.  In March he became interested in competing at the masters level for the CrossFit Games, but many of the prescribed weights were too heavy or the movements beyond his skill set.  This shortcoming fueled him to sharpen his focus and fully commit to showing up every day and working towards a new goal.  Dick wishes to compete in the 2012 Open Competition and do all the workouts as prescribed.  I believe he is on pace to not only compete, but do quite well. So, what do Dick Haynes and Cal Ripken Jr. have in common?  Well, first of all they kind of look alike.  Although Cal's streak was a little more publicized, what Dick has done here for our community is show that first, age is just a number and second, if you just keep showing up, good things will happen for you.  I would like to congratulate him on his epic streak and convey my personal admiration to a great CrossFitter and a great man.   I am proud to be his coach.

A. Power Clean



B. 10-8-6-4-2

Power Clean (165/105)


Handstand Pushups