This Stuff Fires Me Up

I get asked a lot, "What is CrossFit"? The fact is, the more you learn about and do CrossFit, the harder it is to define. Here are some musings, observations, and facts I have picked up over the last 10 months of my CrossFit experience. These statements will not define the nuts and bolts of CrossFit but will highlight what it is like to be a CrossFitter. Every repetition is getting you closer to the ideal fitness lifestyle. You fight for each repetition, and when it seems like it’s time to quit, some innate force pushes you to continue.

You begin to realize the success of the person working out next to you is just as important as yours. CrossFit is a community and a community supports its members. The minute you start rooting against that person, you start going backwards.

You perform difficult movements you never imagined doing, at heavy loads you never thought possible. Your nervous system reconnects with the genes of hard-working ancestors. These movements build shelter, plow fields, and pursue the tribe’s soon to be dinner. In modern life, they make you a functional person.

Skipping reps to you would be like stealing food from a grocery store. Every CrossFitter knows that the manner in which they complete each workout is just as important as the completion itself. They understand that if they cut corners in their workouts they'll do the same with their family and career.

As one of my client's says, "CrossFit is 90% showing up." Many people in traditional gyms walk around aimlessly, talk to friends, or read magazines while on the stationery bike. In CrossFit, once you show up, it’s full throttle till that last rep is finished.

At work, you become the guy who walks around in perfect rhythm, with a purpose. You smile more. You respectfully listen to the slightly overweight guy next to you complain about his bum knee, how hard the Atkin’s diet is, and how deadlifting is dangerous. You do this with an internal grin.

You begin to notice life gets a little easier. As some Crossfitter's say, "You suck less at life." Sleep comes easier. At airports you take the stairs instead of escalators, you walk instead of being ushered by moving walkways. When people fear an unknown physical task, you embrace it.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you are Well and Fit. Define these terms however you like, but to a Crossfitter fitness and wellness= ZERO LIMITATIONS!

CrossFit is not a quick fix, it’s not a fad or a cult. It's a lifestyle, a community, and a vehicle for a better life. I am proud to be a CrossFitter, and This Stuff Fires Me Up!